Through My Lens: September

Seriously, where has this year gone! I cannot believe September is over. Overall, it was a pretty good month. I love writing these posts. I have started to treat them as an online gratitude journal showcasing my favorite moments of the month. I hope you all can enjoy them as much as I do!


So I got a new tattoo y’all! Recently I have been making an effort to say yes to new things hoping this will bring me new adventures. And on Friday the 13th, my friend caught me at a very impulsive moment and we got some new tattoos. You all know I can never pass up a sale and I scored big time with the special Friday the 13th prices for $13 tattoos!


One of my favorite bloggers and good friend came for a quick visit to celebrate his birthday weekend. A while ago we realized that I didn’t have any pictures of us together so we made sure to document our time together at my favorite restaurant in Austin, Takoba. Check out his post on the 25 things he has learned at 25 years old.


As I mentioned last week, my family got together in Denton to celebrate my nephews 10th birthday this month! I can’t believe he is 10 years old. He is really growing up so quickly and it is such a privilege to witness all the changes. However, he is still only 10 years old and his 22 year old aunt cleverly wrapped his tiny present in this huge box highlighting his sense of humor. It was so adorable to see him cracking up while he was opening the present!


Everyone take a look at my adorable baby puppy, Zelda. Isn’t she just the cutest! With those floppy ears and those big eyes. I just fell in love with her. My sister was handing her over to me, sadly, she didn’t meet the apartment restrictions so I had to give her back 😦 I had such a great week with her, and I hope I can get her back one day. For now, I will have to figure out how often I can visit her.


One of my favorite girlfriends scored us tickets to the Russell Brand show last week! It was such an amazing experience and I am forever grateful to Ashlie for letting me tag along. Russell is such a sweet soul and such an amazing performer. My voice is still gone from laughing and screaming for two hours straight! His show, The Messiah Complex, was a two hour presentation linking all the ways Russell can connect to four icons. You all have to google the show and find a way to watch it, it was amazing!


And one little shot with Russell in the background. I need to learn how to take selfies lol

How did September treat the rest of you? I hope well. I can’t wait to start sharing my fall inspired posts with y’all soon! Until then, I hope everyone had a good Monday!


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