Manicure of the Month: Glam Bang



Recently, I have made it a habit to peruse the beauty aisles after I am done grocery shopping. As dangerous as that has become for my wallet, I have justified it by discovering some amazing products. Including these nail art strips by Revlon. These stickers were so easy to work with and take my regular gold polish manicure to another level. Not to mention, they are the reason for today’s post. Enjoy!



Pictured above is Beaded Couture from Revlon by Marcheesa. Let me tell you now, every design in this line is drop dead gorgeous. I picked up a few opaque designs that you may see pop up here in the next few months but decided on this clear applique adorned with white and gold jewels. I just knew they would sit perfectly atop my gold polish.



For the gold base coat I chose The Full Monty by Butter London. I cannot get enough of this color and formula. You can get streak free shine in two coats and enjoy the subtle glitter specks without any clumps. Making this the perfect polish to pair with these nail strips.



The set includes 18 decals in various sizes, a nail file and cuticle pusher. I have worked with a ton of nail stickers including the cheapest ones available at the drugstore to the high end ones from Sephora and these have been the easiest ones to apply. So far, I completely recommend these strips. If that changes, I will add an update.


I am completely in love with this pairing and will probably repeat this process for New Years Eve. It just feels so fancy for September. I cannot wait to start sharing more manicures specific for fall but that does not feel natural considering it is still 90 degrees in Austin.

Has anybody given these nail stickers a try?

*I would also like to apologize for not posting a manicure last month. I had a really fun idea planned and then I lost my favorite top coat. Instead of doing the logical thing and purchasing a new bottle, I threw a few tantrums, tore my living apart searching for the lost bottle and finally decided to give my nails a much needed break. I still do not have a new bottle, that will be on tomorrows to-do list. Luckily this month I did not need a top coat as these stickers provide enough shine!


Manicure of the Month: Matte Nails


Summertime has been in full blast for a while now and I have been doing my best to rock my brightest polishes. For my manicure this month I decided to take my favorite colors for the past month and include them all at once. I have never done anything like this but I am loving the way it’s lookin’. Hope you enjoy!


Polishes used: “Access 24/7” – Sephora by OPI, “Alicia” – Julep, “Sunday Funday” – Essie, “For Audrey” – China Glaze


Each finger is finished off with “The Full Monty” by Butter London to create the french manicure look.


The star of the show, among all these fabulously bright colors, is my new “Matte Top Coat” by Revlon.  I know, I am jumping on the matte nails bandwagon suuuuper late. I have actually tried to DIY the matte top coat but failed miserably with a box of baking soda and an old top coat. I am glad I finally decided to buy this and am already thinking of a ton of ways to use it in the coming months.

I can definitely notice the difference from the matte top coat, below you will find the before and after. Let me know what you think!



I actually really liked the frosted rainbow nails but am glad I decided to swipe the gold tips to create a funkier look.


What’s on your nails this month? Experimenting with any new looks?

I’m glad to be back here to share with y’all. My life has been crazy with my vacation and work and car trouble. I have so much to share, and I cannot wait to do that now that I am back to my routine. With all that said, I will talk to y’all soon!