What One Bookshelf Can Do To A Wall

I want to share my newest little project with you all. A few weeks ago I noticed a blank space on one of my walls.


This is the little piece of wall between my living room and dining room area. I’ve had this awesome portrait of Kanye West up since I moved in back in May but that’s it. So I decided to add a little bookshelf to make this space a little more interesting.


But first, a little close up of the portrait. My best friend gave this to me last Christmas and I love it! She bought it in New Orleans off a street artist. It looks like a charcoal piece. The details are amazing and it really looks like him when he is performing. Yes I love Kanye West enough to hang him up in my home. Yes I know some of you are judging me but I think he’s a genius.


And moving on 🙂 here is the new space! I still need some candles for the candlesticks, which were $5 for the set at Goodwill, but have not decided on what color to get. Anyhoo, I think it adds so much more to the once empty wall, don’t you think?


Ok, so this is the first bookshelf I built by myself. I was so proud of myself for building it in less than an hour! I stood it up from the floor to add the shelves and noticed I nailed in the top board backwards. Whoopsie! After I laughed at myself for a good hour and trying to take the tiny nails off the back to fix this, I decided to improvise and place this lace over the top. And voila! Crisis averted.




I am loving this new change. And I am glad I found a spot for new plant! I added one of my favorite little owls and a picture frame to match. I absolutely adore this picture of me with two of my favorite friends. It’s always a good time with my awesome friend Adrian and my best friend.


And the bookshelf. Bookshelf styling is not my thang but I’m really trying to learn. I did my best but this is definitely a work in progress. I added a few board games on the bottom shelf for easy access. I grabbed a few books from my collection and a few knick knacks, another owl, a framed flower painting, among other things.

Anyhoo, here is my newest little addition. If you have any styling tips for bookshelves send them my way!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Get ready for my upcoming holiday posts! Coming to you starting next week!


A little trip to the Goodwill Boutique

I know I have been a little absent lately. I am sorry but I’ve had a few crazy and busy weeks lately. No worries, things are slowing down and it looks like I’ll have my first relaxing weekend in what feels like a while! So excited for that!

Anyhoo, I went to the dentist today and got some not so great news. My wisdom teeth need to be taken out, and soon. I am sooo scared of this procedure for some reason. I have even chickened out from it a few times but they are really starting to hurt and affect my mood at times, and I feel like its time. Just realized that was more pity party time, sorry. But the dentist appointment led to my impromptu thrift store trip. I am a huge believer and advocate of retail therapy!

I work in a really swanky part of town where the goodwill thrift store is called a boutique, which always makes me giggle. I go in from time to time because they always have really great stuff. They rummage through all the other goodwills in town to find the most high end items for this particular location. I wasn’t searching for anything in particular so it was a lot of fun to search through everything after feeling a little blue.


I fell in love with the shape and color. And for $5 I figured it was worth bringing home.


I am so happy about this little find! I am not sure if I have expressed my true obsession with owls. I am trying to move away from buying so many but I figured this was different since the cute little owls were a little more cartoonish than the others I have and they were in a frame! Felt justified at the moment 🙂 but for $4 I think it was a total score!

I love my two newest little finds and I can’t wait to put them on display. I have been battling a LACK Ikea shelf the past few weekends and I am hoping I can finally defeat it this weekend! These pieces serve as inspiration since I really think they will be cute additions to my living room once the danged shelf is up!

I also found this mirror that I really liked but did not buy. I walked around the whole store with it in my hand until I finally decided I have too many mirrors that are not being used in my possession.


Here it is, isn’t it gorgeous. Sigh, I am regretting my decision. I think I’ll check on it on Monday and if its there, I’ll get it! What do y’all think? Is it worth the extra trip and $10?

Anyhoo, this trip totally made me feel better and turned my day around right before work 🙂

I hope you have all had an excellent week! I will talk to y’all next week! Hopefully I’ll be sharing the conquering of the Ikea shelf!