Manicure of the Month – November

I am excited to share this next manicure with y’all today. It is one I have been wanting to try for a few weeks now. I finally found the product and will share a quick review as well. I do not have a tutorial to share but feel free to comment for any tips I may have. This is such an easy manicure, I found a great tutorial on my favorite beauty blog. You can find the link HERE.

Here it goes:

I gave the velvet manicure a try and was inspired by the beauty departments post to try a studded accent nail. I actually really love the color. And it was super easy to add the studs. I used the pointy end of an orange wooden stick dipped in gold nail polish for the studs.

This is the flocking powder included in the package. I found my set at Sephora for $19. This is the most I have spent on one nail polish. I wanted the “velvet” to match the color exactly and decided to splurge. I will admit I regret my decision.

Here is the nail polish included in the set. I think this will easily become one of my favorite colors. I can see myself using it without the powder. And it comes in a great size bottle. Love that little bow.

I have discovered why this manicure is called the “date night” manicure. It looked great for 6 whole hours! After that, I advise you not to wash any dishes or take a shower 😉 I kid. Most of the velvet has rubbed off and makes my manicure look uneven. The studs have held up so well, I am thinking of trying this accent nail with about every color polish I own!

I do think this was such a cool idea, and it creates such an interesting effect. I don’t know if I recommend this product for the price. But hey, if you have a hot date (what’s that like?) or a holiday party, it may be a great addition to your wish list.

I still really like the manicure and I hope you have enjoyed it as well. If anyone gives this a try feel free to share your thoughts!

I hope everyone’s week is off to a great start! I will talk to y’all soon!