12 Days of Christmas: Trees With the Fur


Welcome to Day 5 of my 12 Days of Christmas series. I am really trying to finish decorating my mantel by this weekend and worked on a little project I have been wanting to do to share with y’all today. I bought a few styrofoam cones a while back and totally forgot what I meant to use them for but realized they were the perfect shape for Christmas trees. This was a super easy project and I hope y’all enjoy!


As I mentioned, I purchased a few foam pyramids and I really cannot remember their intended purpose.  I stumbled into them as I was attempting to reorganize my craft supplies and figured they would make excellent Christmas trees. I picked up a few yards of feather boas which are surprisingly pricey, find a coupon, and decided on making simple faux fur Christmas trees.


I gathered the rest of my supplies, mod podge and a foam brush, and got to work.


In the end, the mod podge only helped me get this started but I ended up using push pins to secure the feathers onto the shape. Either way, the strange scent of mod podge seems to soothe me.


Ta-da! It reminds me of those furry boots that I always secretly want to buy. Hence the title…applebottom jeans, boots with the fur, the whole club was looking at her…in case you did not catch that.


I bought some tiny glittery bows to use on my tree and thought I could spare two to use to top off the tree. I think it really gives them the sparkle they were lacking. I have to learn that sometimes simple is ok. But you can’t make me take off that bow now!


I set one up on a candlestick from the dollar store to add more height to my mantel. I am going to continue working on the mantel and make sure to share the updates with y’all here.

How are your Christmas decorations coming along?


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