DIY: Gold Dipped Vase


As I mentioned a few weeks ago, my gold spray paint can has become attached to my hand. I am constantly looking for ways to transform an item with a few coats of gold spray paint. The newest addition to my “All gold everythang” collection, a $1 glass vase from the thrift store.


I have been searching for cheap vases to use around my place as a way to bring more of an outdoor feel inside. This has been my mission as the orchid from Ikea that I loved died last month after leaving it inside with no AC while I was in Denton with my sister for a week. I found a few simple vases to add to my home on one thrifting adventure. I purchased two and left the store with one as the other one fell out of my hands and shattered, leaving me with this clear one that was begging for a makeover.


After a few good cleanings with a Windex wipe, I taped off about a third of the vase to cover with the gold. This was the hardest part of the project (which is not that hard at all). Make sure you have really sticky tape to make sure the paint does not bleed through.



I took it outside and sprayed a thin coat of primer to make sure the paint could adhere to the vase. I sprayed three light coats waiting about 30 minutes in between each one and let it dry completely overnight.


I have to say, this has to be the best spray paint job for me to date! Zero drips, clean-ish lines and no bubbles. Very very proud of that. Which just leaves me to wonder what else I can spray paint around the house… Is there such a thing as too many gold accents?


I have no idea what kind of flowers these are. I chose to purchase a cheap bushel of ¬†flowers from Walmart ($3). ¬†I decided with these because of the beautiful lilac-ish color and the funky yet simple shape. I’ll invest in more expensive and extensive bouquets once I know I can keep these alive!


A final look at my newest project. I am happy to report that after 4 days, they are still sitting nicely on my kitchen table next to the vintage salt and pepper shakers from my friend. I hope to continue sharing my attempts to grow a green thumb.

This is the perfect simple and cheap project for a Saturday afternoon, I hope some of you try it out. If you do, please send some pictures!

Talk to y’all soon!

DIY: Chalkboard Menu


I finally succeeded! I battled a glass chalkboard and won. I first jumped on the chalkboard paint bandwagon a few months ago but failed miserably. The glass broke as I was placing it back in the frame. I felt a tad bit defeated and decided to wait to try again. I am so glad I waited for my second attempt because it turned out great, if I may say so myself.


I found this little frame at the goodwill for $3, another Score! I loved the gold, the shape and the size. I am a big fan of the vintage scrolls around the frame as well as the real glass inside. I gave it all a good wipe down and was ready to party.


A few light coats and 24 hours of drying time later and ta da! Here it is. I am glad I decided to keep the gold frame, if I ever change my mind I can always spray paint it.


I found the perfect place for it, near my prized possession, the juicer. On the menu is the recipe for the mean green juice that I’m currently obsessed with. I had no idea how difficult it is to write with chalk. You will notice all of my mistakes, I guess that’s why schools have transitioned to dry erase boards.


I have a feeling my mean green juice will stay up for a while as I get used to the recipe. The multi-color chalk was such a good choice.

I really love this new piece of wall art in my kitchen, which I have been working to transform, details coming soon. I encourage everyone to give this a try. It is such an easy project with a huge pay off! Also very inexpensive to achieve: $3 thrifted frame, $4 can of chalkboard spray paint and $0.49 pack of chalk and you too can have a functional piece of nostalgia from your schooldays on your walls.

If any of you give this a try feel free to send me a few pics! I hope everyone has been enjoying their week! Talk to y’all soon!