Happy Halloween y’all!

I hope everyone is enjoying this fun holiday today! I celebrated this past weekend by dressing up and hitting the town with my friends! It was a ton of fun to see how creative everyone gets around this time of the year! It seems that everyone is DIY’ing their costumes these days! And my friends and I are no exception.

Here’s our fun time! Let me take this chance to apologize for the pictures. I was having a little too much fun to worry about sharpness 🙂 Hope you enjoy!


Hulk Smash! My beautiful friend Ashlie decided to turn into a green monster for the night as the Hulk. And she was super excited when she found the only other Hulk that night!


Here’s my best friend dressed up as St. Patrick’s day! Or a leprechaun alongside her idol, Michael Myers. I am not joking. Halloween is her favorite movie and she was so excited to take a picture with the creepiest costume ever.


And here I am as Rosie the Riveter, a woman who inspires my work ethic and ambition! I have always wanted to dress up as Rosie but was scared of the bandana look. I thank my supportive friends for encouraging me to do it! It was super easy to do after I watched about 65 tutorials on YouTube. My favorite part of this costume, it costs a whole $6 to achieve! I found the men’s work shirt at Goodwill for $4.99 and the red bandana at Hobby Lobby for $1! I already owned the leggings, boots and white shirt.


And here’s another picture of me with the funniest costume of the night. Women’s gift from God. Super creative! Though I don’t look very convinced.

It was a really fun night! I love that I am able to celebrate Halloween as an adult without children! I am already scheming my costume for next year, which will definitely be another DIY.

I also wanted to share my Halloween-inspired manicure with you all.


I tried to make the picture spooky and took it at night lol Let me know if you would like to see it in the daylight!

I am calling this, blood dripped nails lol which is super obvious, I know. I got the idea from my wonderful friend who is the only other person who talks DIY and manicures with me! She gave me some great tips, like put Chapstick around your nail to scrape off the mess made with the straw to achieve this look.

I used a Revlon “porcelain party” as my base coat. And splattered my favorite “come to bed red” by Butter London.

It is super interesting and it is the only effort I am making today to be spooky. But it’s a good break from my regular glitter manicures.

How are you enjoying the holiday? Whatever you decide to do, I hope you stay safe and most importantly have fun! Til the next time!