Through My Lens: March

March was definitely a good month for me! Between my older sisters visit early in the month to my spontaneous road trip to New Orleans for the weekend, I have been blessed with a lot of time spent with my loved ones. Here are a few pictures documenting the past month and some of the fun I’ve had.

Here I am holding the finished latte bowl I painted during my sisters visit earlier this month. I did not expect to love the results as much as I did. I cannot wait to show y’all how useful this little bowl has become.

March also includes SXSW, the enormous music, film and interactive festival held in Austin every year during spring break. Sadly, I worked through most of the festival but was able to take a day off and enjoy one of the biggest events during SXSW. Rachel Ray from the food network visits Austin every year to throw a huge party featuring free food (from her recipes) free booze and free music. I had so much fun with my sister and a few friends eating amazing burgers and tacos and watching Macklemore perform. I can’t wait to find out what she has planned for next year!


My best friend and I decided to take a mini vacation and have some fun in New Orleans for a few days! The drive was so long but so worth it. So happy I was able to get a shot of the welcome sign for my first visit to Louisiana! Don’t worry, I wasn’t driving.

Here I am in front of this beautiful riverboat on such a nice day. I feel most calm when I’m near the water. It was the perfect scenic route for our walk toward the casino.

And I leave you with this delicious picture of the beignets and coffee I enjoyed today at Cafe du Monde. Usually I am not one to reach for sweets but that was not the case with these. The simple combination of bread and powdered sugar really hit the spot today as an afternoon snack. I hope I can make these at home with the beignet mix they sell all around town.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tiny glimpse into my amazing month. I also hope you all have enjoyed the month as well.

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Talk to y’all soon!


Ceramic This, Ceramic That

March has been such a fun month for me so far, I hope for you too. For today, I would like to stray from my usual posts and share a fun activity from the beginning of the month. About two weeks ago my sisters and I got together for the first time in like ten years without kids, without spouses and all over the legal drinking age. That means the four of us were blessed with the opportunity to paaaarrrrttttyyyyy!!!!!!


Which I hope you all know that means we participated in an arts and crafts activity. 

I found this really great paint your own pottery studio near my home called Cafe Monet. It is relatively reasonably priced with no studio fee. The staff was so great and patient with us as it was our first time painting pottery. I definitely recommend this as a good family activity in the Austin area.

As I am the only one of us four who lives in Austin, I was able to pick up all our finished creations 5 days later and would like to share them with you now. From start, to finish.


I chose a tiny latte bowl, the youngest chose a tile, my oldest sister chose a monster piggy bank for her 2 year old son, and my other sister chose a goblet. We started off by wetting and cleaning off the ceramic piece to prep it for the paint.


And we got busy painting! I would like to add that the music here on a Saturday night was awesome, and definitely made the experience more enjoyable. Around us we noticed people on dates, mothers with their children and friends having a good night.



Did I mention this place is wine friendly? Bring some glasses, they have a wine bottle opener, and let the creative juices start flowing. I apologize, my huge head totally blocks my sisters, but I promise we were all having a great time.



And here we are at closing time with our finished pieces. I thought the colors looked a bit dull and was leaving my faith to the Gods that I deliver with a fun and productive activity for my sisters spring break. And let me just say, the Gods heard my cry. The finished pieces look amazing after the staff members drive it through the kiln and gloss it all for you.

I will list them in order from youngest to oldest. Here they are!



Here is the tile my little sister painted. Check out those smooth lines and vibrant colors! I think this is a great example of her art history education put to good use. More seriously though, all of our personalities shined through as we were painting, and the little perfectionist that she is really paid off with this beautiful tile and I can’t wait to see where this will be displayed.


Here is my little bowl in my signature colors of blush and bashful (which is just light pink, and I hope you all understood the Steel Magnolias reference) and blue. I have big plans for this little bowl and I cannot wait to share them with you soon.


And my second oldest sister created this beautiful goblet. I am not sure how she knew those color combinations would work so well, but they definitely did. I wish you could see the inside of the bowl that is the perfect shade of guacamole green. I cannot wait to see where this baby ends up, hopefully somewhere on your perfectly styled bookshelves.Image

My oldest sister made this amazing little coin bank. I cannot wait to see how much my nephew falls in love with this since my sister spent so much loving time and patience painting it, and I think she captured a grin similar to her crazy little two year old son. One last thing about this monster, it was actually on display at the store, used to inspire other awesome creations.

Overall it was such a fun experience that I hope I am able to experience again soon. I have dreams and plans of an ombre spoon rest for my kitchen.

I hope my sisters enjoyed their visit as much as I did. I am oh so very grateful and blessed to have a close relationship with my sisters even with more than 200 miles between some of us. I hope I was able to show them not only a snippet of my life as a single girl livin’ the good life on a budget, but also hope I showed them the value and worth they hold in my heart. I hope we do not have to wait another ten years for our next reunion, I love you my strong and inspiring sisters. 

Okay, enough with my love letter to my family, because let’s face it, that can go on for pages… I hope you have enjoyed yet another sampling of my life aside from the DIY’s and the bargain hunting. I hope you are all enjoying this year as much as I am so far.

Til the next time!