12 Days of Christmas: Grinch Fruit Kabobs


Welcome to Day 9 of my 12 Days of Christmas series. I am so excited for the holidays to arrive and I cannot wait to spend the next week with most of my family! I have the easiest (and possibly healthiest) holiday snack to share with y’all today. The Pinterest world is filled with tons of delicious holiday themed snacks that it was difficult to choose which one to recreate.  I decided to make these adorable Grinch fruit kabobs as a healthier alternative to all of the other snacks out there right now. I brought them in to work last week and they were a huge hit with all of the health conscious people at my job. This snack will be the perfect addition to any holiday meal, it is the perfect appetizer or dessert and it is super easy to make. Hope you enjoy!

All you really need are party toothpicks or coffee stirrers, green grapes, a banana cut into slices, and strawberries. I saw that some people added a marshmallow at the top to finish off the strawberry santa hat but I opted against it to limit the sugars in this snack.


Get ready for the easiest recipe EVER. The first step is to pierce through a grape with a toothpick to create the Grinch’s head.


Next, slide on a banana slice to start off the santa hat.


Then finish it off with a strawberry. Make sure to cut off the top of the strawberry to give it a good base to sit on the banana.


 I made these as a little snack after I wrapped my final Christmas gifts. Served up on a ceramic snowflake plate, look at me, so festive.


These were so delicious and will probably become my holiday staple for different parties or work functions. If you recreate these, don’t forget to share them with me via the comments below, twitter or instagram (@soniaisag)!

What is your favorite holiday snack?

12 Days of Christmas: ROYGBIV Holiday Wreath


Welcome to Day 8 of my 12 Days of Christmas series. I am excited to finally share my Christmas wreath with you all. Last year, I went the more traditional route with my ornament filled wreath. This year, I decided to opt for a more modern look to match most of the decor inside my living room. I was inspired by this festive rainbow wreath I found on Pinterest and was determined to make one of my own.


I scored these adorable boxes of ornaments at JoAnn’s for about $2 each. Each little pack contains 24 ornaments, 8 frosted, 8 glittery and 8 shiny ones. I figured that was an excellent deal! I forgot to pick up red ones and wasn’t able to find any when I went back, so I decided to make it work with these fun colors.


I also picked up a 20 inch wreath at WalMart for $2.50. That means this project only cost me around $10.50 to create! Talk about ballin’ on a budget! Not including hot glue gun and glue sticks, which I already had.


I started by fluffing out the branches on the wreath to create a wider base for the ornaments to sit on. I’m not sure if that was holiday time’s intention for the wreath but it worked a lot better for me this way.


Next, I dumped out all 96 ornaments onto the wreath to figure out an arrangement. What I figured out was that 96 ornaments on a 20-in. wreath were not going to fit. I took 6 ornaments from each gift and decided to set those aside and use them to adorn my gift tags. Double whammy.


Pick out a good movie while working on this project. It probably would’ve taken me about 30 minutes to glue all of these on, simply eye balling placement, but it actually took about an hour and a half thanks to Leonardo Decaprio in Titanic. Worth it.


Finally, I added a neutral burlap bow I bought sometime last year to finish it all off.


And voila!




I am loving this rainbow-ish wreath. I think the burlap ties it all together and makes all the colors less overwhelming. I can definitely see my future self using this wreath again next year.

How about you, what’s hanging on your front door?