12 Days of Christmas: Sequin Sunday

The holiday season has arrived and I am more than ready to start the celebrating! For me, decorating is 85% of the fun! I’d like to share all the projects I’ve been working on with y’all here and am excited to announce that I’ll be posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday leading up to Christmas Day. I’ll be sharing some DIY projects and gifts, holiday themed snacks and nail art. I hope you can all join in on the fun and send me pictures of holiday projects you complete. Make sure to tag @soniaisag on Instagram and Twitter. Now to get on with the fun!


I started the month off with a crafting group that meets every Friday and Sunday in South Austin called Crafty Girl, making retro-inspired sequin ornaments. I had such a great time, here are some pictures to prove it. Enjoy!


All of the supplies were provided by the group facilitator, all I had to do was show up for the fun. For this particular project we used 2 inch styrofoam balls, sequin pins, clear beads, and millions of sequins. It seems like a pretty affordable project to continue at home if I decide to.


I didn’t really come in with a game plan. This was a really forgiving project in that it is impossible to mess up. You can always move the sequins around or continue to puncture the styrofoam. I decided to go with multi-color stripes. My favorite part of the evening was seeing everyones creation revealed. Although we were all at the same table, everyone walked out with a different ornament. The facilitator outlined a little black skull as the focal point for her ornament, one gentleman went with the more traditional green and red as a gift for his mother, and others went for the modern technique color-blocking all around.


All of the sequins! The pretty pastels jumped out at me the most.


Ta-dah! A little blurry, probably from all of the excitement. We used a little bit of glue and an anchor to secure the yarn to the ball.


Taking a closer look it reminds me of a rainbow fish. At least the one from one of my favorite childhood books. I like the 3-D effect the little beads give the sequins. I am hoping to add some light around it for the beads to reflect some around my living room.



Here is the finished ornament. It’s so tiny and sparkly and I am loving the bright colors. I bought an inexpensive ornament stand at Target to display my little ornament. I am not sure where it will end up but I’ll be sure to update this once I’m done decorating. I also feel like these would make excellent gift tags for your friends and family.

Are you as excited as I am for the twelve days of Christmas project? How do you celebrate the holidays?


DIY: Christmas Ornament Wreath

I don’t think I can count how many times I have visited my local dollar store this past month. Most trips were my fault, caused by my poor planning skills, the rest of the trips can be blamed on the tubes and tubes and tubes of Christmas ornaments they sell and I had to buy. My name is Sonia, and I have a problem, I am a Christmas ornament hoarder. I just love all the different options available: different finishes (matte, glitter, shiny), different colors, and different sizes. I had to have them all. And I bought them all.

photo 5


With all these ornaments I had to find a way to use them since I decided the ones on my tree were DIY’ed. I was loving all the ornament wreaths all over Pinterest and decided to give it a shot.


photo 1

Here are the ornaments I chose to use. Different finishes in gold, green and red. In total I used 60 ornaments.

photo 2

The evergreen wreath, I used an 18 inch form. It was on sale for $2.99 at Michaels, SCORE!

photo 3

I started by turning the wreath over and filling in the center with the ornaments. Then I did the same for the outside circle.

photo 4

And 30 minutes late, seriously, that’s it, I had this. This was such an easy and quick project. I

I started from the inside and went to the outside. Gluing the ornaments directly onto the wreath then securing some to each other.

photo 3

I had ribbon to finish it off but I kind of really like the finished look.

photo 1

There are a few bare spots, ok a bunch, but I didn’t want to over do it. Even though using 60 ornaments is probably overdoing it 🙂

photo 2

Overall, I am really happy with the outcome and love the sparkle power it gives to my front door! Also, I think I am starting a trend, all my neighbors have a wreath up too 🙂

Since I bought most of my supplies at the dollar store it cost me a whopping $13 to complete this wreath with ornaments to spare! It is seriously one of the easiest and cheapest projects I’ve made. I hope some of you give it a try and share their pics with me.

Can y’all believe Christmas Eve is only a week away! Where did this month go?