Pumpkin Carving Party!

Last weekend a few of my favorite girls came over for a little pumpkin carving party (little party, not little pumpkins). We had a really great time battling the pumpkin innards, I forgot how long it took! Luckily we thought ahead and watched Hocus Pocus, my favorite fall time movie, and the original Scream while we got to carving. I cannot wait to show y’all our masterpieces!

Here is the top of my pumpkin! I bought a cheap shower curtain liner at the dollar store and laid it down to catch all the seeds and all the other nasty stuff. It made the clean up so easy! We were saving all the seeds in the green bowl to use but were way too tired by the end of it to pick them out.

I decided to take a little break with some pumpkin ale and enjoy Hocus Pocus. This was delicious by the way. My friend brought it because I told her I had never tried pumpkin ale. It will definitely be something I buy every October from now on.

My beautiful friends working hard on their creations. A few of us used stencils, and some decided to freehand their design.

And here they are! Didn’t they turn out fantastic! We are missing one, my friend had to leave early and took her pumpkin with her. It came out great though! I apologize for not getting a shot of it before she left. Can you guess which one is mine?

The owl! Of course! It was such a nice night out, perfect for lighting the little pumpkins up and enjoying them for a few minutes! My favorite part of the night was walking back inside my living room and smelling pumpkin. It was the best! The smell lingered for a few days too.

And here they are again! Surviving a rainy day! Everyone forgot to take theirs home, so I got to keep them 🙂 Don’t they look gorgeous with that river flowing in the background.

It was such a fun night! A perfect way to spend a Sunday evening. Did any of you carve any pumpkins this year? If you did, please share your creations!

I hope everyone is enjoying their week! I will talk to y’all soon! And share my DIY Halloween costume!