Budget Find: Mirror, Mirror

I don’t know if I have shared this, but I have a thing for mirrors. I don’t think I am shallow or anything, and I don’t really use them to look at myself very often, I just think they are really pretty 🙂 I also think that was a run-on sentence. Anyhoo, I have a few decorative mirrors in and around my house and really want to share my newest addition!

About a month ago, my family came to visit and we took a little day trip to the outlet mall. My sisters and my mom were all headed to the chocolate factory or something like that when I separated from the group and walked into Earthbound. As I walked in an employee mentioned that all sale items were 50% off the sale price! I thought I was going to go crazy!!! But I am really proud to say I walked out with one thing, my new mirror!

Here it is! I am sooo in love with it! I love the colors! I love that it looks a little cartoon-ish! And I love the sugar skulls!

I will admit, I do not think this mirror is worth the $40, so thank gosh I scored it for $12! There was a tiny crack on the frame, that I hardly noticed and I talked them down $3 from the sale price 🙂

This is a close up of the nice little crack that saved me three whole dollars and witnessed my first attempt at haggling a store employee 🙂 I am so bad at that! Anyhoo, I just realized that I saved a whole $28 on this beauty! I am so happy with it, crack and all!

It has been a month and I have not found a spot for it yet, that is my mission this weekend. I have a few ideas, just waiting for a second opinion 🙂 I really hope I can share more of my budget finds soon! But for now I will leave y’all for the weekend. Hoping to get some real rest!

Talk to y’all soon!