DIY: Gold Dipped Vase


As I mentioned a few weeks ago, my gold spray paint can has become attached to my hand. I am constantly looking for ways to transform an item with a few coats of gold spray paint. The newest addition to my “All gold everythang” collection, a $1 glass vase from the thrift store.


I have been searching for cheap vases to use around my place as a way to bring more of an outdoor feel inside. This has been my mission as the orchid from Ikea that I loved died last month after leaving it inside with no AC while I was in Denton with my sister for a week. I found a few simple vases to add to my home on one thrifting adventure. I purchased two and left the store with one as the other one fell out of my hands and shattered, leaving me with this clear one that was begging for a makeover.


After a few good cleanings with a Windex wipe, I taped off about a third of the vase to cover with the gold. This was the hardest part of the project (which is not that hard at all). Make sure you have really sticky tape to make sure the paint does not bleed through.



I took it outside and sprayed a thin coat of primer to make sure the paint could adhere to the vase. I sprayed three light coats waiting about 30 minutes in between each one and let it dry completely overnight.


I have to say, this has to be the best spray paint job for me to date! Zero drips, clean-ish lines and no bubbles. Very very proud of that. Which just leaves me to wonder what else I can spray paint around the house… Is there such a thing as too many gold accents?


I have no idea what kind of flowers these are. I chose to purchase a cheap bushel of ¬†flowers from Walmart ($3). ¬†I decided with these because of the beautiful lilac-ish color and the funky yet simple shape. I’ll invest in more expensive and extensive bouquets once I know I can keep these alive!


A final look at my newest project. I am happy to report that after 4 days, they are still sitting nicely on my kitchen table next to the vintage salt and pepper shakers from my friend. I hope to continue sharing my attempts to grow a green thumb.

This is the perfect simple and cheap project for a Saturday afternoon, I hope some of you try it out. If you do, please send some pictures!

Talk to y’all soon!


DIY: Baby Washcloth Bouquet

I have another fun DIY baby shower gift for y’all! Today at work we celebrated one of my favorite co-workers with a beautiful baby shower. There was food, balloons and lots of fun. Because I could only stay for 15 minutes, I wanted to surprise her with a thoughtful and creative gift.
My fun times in New Orleans left me low on cash so I decided to browse through Pinterest til I found a useful and presentable gift. I found hundreds of tutorials for do it yourself baby shower gifts and decided on a bouquet made out of terry washcloths. Keep reading for the how to!

I found this bushel of baby’s breath for $3.96 at Walmart and a cylinder vase for $1 and snagged both up. All that was left to do was trim the stems and add water.
I found the cutest little washcloths with rubber duckies for $5.96 and got to work. With my little sisters help, this entire project took about 5 minutes to complete.

Start off by laying the terry cloth flat, tag side up.

Fold in to thirds, bringing both top and bottom toward the center.

Flatten out any wrinkles and fold in half one last time.

Starting at one end and keeping the other end taut, fold a corner diagonally and begin rolling to the other side.

Make sure to roll up as you go to create the petal effect.

And you’re done! Secure the end with tape and work on the rest of the washcloths.

Insert a wooden dowel, I found mine at the dollar store, to create the stem.

Arrange them into the vase naturally throughout the arrangement. And you are done! You can finish the look off with some ribbon or tulle, I chose to keep mine simple.

Here I am with the mother-to-be before I had to go back to my meeting. Doesn’t she look happy?!
This arrangement was a hit at the shower as it also served as a centerpiece at the cake table. For just over $10 I was able to present her with thoughtful handmade gift she loved!
I think homemade gifts are the best because I get to personalize them.
Does anybody have a favorite homemade gift they have received? What kind of gifts do you give at a baby shower? I cannot wait til the baby is born to create a few more gifts from my Pinterest search.
Talk to y’all soon!