Manicure of the Month: Dia de los Muertos Edition


As I mentioned yesterday, I have been inspired by everything adorned with a sugar skull. And for my favorite manicure this month, I decided to tackle a more intricate design with circles and lines to transfer that inspiration to my nails. There are a bunch of tutorials on YouTube for you to follow, I am excited to share my version with y’all today.

From left to right, I used: For Audrey by China Glaze, White Snow by Maybelline Color Show, Tart Deco by Essie and a black nail striper as well as a dotting tool.


I am happy to report that this was my first success using a nail striper. I think I finally figured out how to work with the brush and am excited to experiment with it in the future. I bought this one in a set of 3 at CVS for under $5. The other colors included were white and a silver glitter.


I just love how these colors all pop with the white polish.


And that’s it! Now I wonder how these colors would transfer on my face for a last minute Halloween costume.

What did you rock on your nails this month?