Manicure of the Month: Dia de los Muertos Edition


As I mentioned yesterday, I have been inspired by everything adorned with a sugar skull. And for my favorite manicure this month, I decided to tackle a more intricate design with circles and lines to transfer that inspiration to my nails. There are a bunch of tutorials on YouTube for you to follow, I am excited to share my version with y’all today.

From left to right, I used: For Audrey by China Glaze, White Snow by Maybelline Color Show, Tart Deco by Essie and a black nail striper as well as a dotting tool.


I am happy to report that this was my first success using a nail striper. I think I finally figured out how to work with the brush and am excited to experiment with it in the future. I bought this one in a set of 3 at CVS for under $5. The other colors included were white and a silver glitter.


I just love how these colors all pop with the white polish.


And that’s it! Now I wonder how these colors would transfer on my face for a last minute Halloween costume.

What did you rock on your nails this month?


DIY: Dia De Los Muertos Inspired Wreath


Halloween season is upon us and I am excited to continue on with all the celebrations. Most of the fun for me comes from the creative projects that I work on to prepare for Halloween. From my costume, pumpkin carving and most recently, creating a new wreath. I was afraid that I couldn’t top my adorable Monster wreath from last year, but am happy with what is adorning my front door at the moment.

I have been inspired by all things that remind me of the traditional Mexican Holiday, el Dia de los Muertos. Which is a day meant to celebrate the lives of those we have lost and loved. When I think of the Day of the Dead I am reminded of the beautiful altars resurrected by grieving family members filled with flowers, sugar skulls, candles and belongings from the deceased. I hope you enjoy this simple tutorial!

First step is always gathering your materials.


I these beautiful red flowers at the Dollar Tree and grabbed two bouquets for this project. I pulled off each flower from the stem, leaving the green leaves attached to add more color on the wreath.


I found these foam skull ornaments at Michael’s and picked three up at $1 a piece. All the Halloween decorations were already on sale to make some room for the Christmas ornaments, which is CRAZY!


Next stop at Michael’s was the wreath aisle. I always seem to get really overwhelmed here with all of the options. And without fail, I always grab the same one, 18″ green foam wreath. I wrapped this one with black streamer/crepe paper because I didn’t have any ribbon handy.


I played around some with the formation before I started to glue it all down.


And got to gluing! I apologize for the pictures. This project was finished at 11:00 pm. I just had to be working on it while I was watching some scary movies.


And there you have it! The completed wreath that I plan to never take down!

How do you celebrate El Dia De Los Muertos/Day of the Dead?