DIY: Birthday Balloon Wreath


My not-so-little nephew turns 10 this week, which blows my mind! The entire family came together to celebrate with him at an awesome arcade filled with all you can play retro games. Having been recently inspired by this amazing TED talk by Jane McGonigal about how playing games can increase the quality of your life, I let loose and had a blast! I began celebrating last week while I made this balloon wreath that my sister, his mother, requested for her home. Stay tuned for a quick tutorial.


Gathering the supplies was probably the most difficult part. I made multiple trips to the store because I kept running out of balloons and pins. In the end, for an 18 inch wreath I used 196 balloons.


The purple streamer is optional, but highly recommended. It did an amazing job at covering the sides of the straw poking through the balloons.


Halfway finished! Yes, I was working on my wreath at work. It was so much fun to see all the balloons scattered all over my desk.


As I mentioned, easiest project EVER. I bought wide toothed pins and stuck one balloon on each side, alternating ends and colors and pinned them into the wreath form. I did my best to change the direction of each set to create as much dimension as I could.


And that’s it! Excluding driving time, this project only took about 3 hours to complete. And that is only because I kept stopping when Breaking Bad became too suspenseful.


And here is my adorable nephew modelling his new wreath. I hope he’s not mad that I chose not to post the weird silly poses.

Anybody else have easy projects they have finished lately?


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