Pinspire Me: Halloween Crafts

I had been planning a little pumpkin carving fun with a few of my girlfriends and wanted my home to feel festive! Of course I turned to Pinterest for a few ideas, and found plenty! Sadly, I did not get to as many of them as I wanted to, but I am still happy with the ones I finished.

The first is probably the easiest little project I have ever done! It took no more than 5 minutes, seriously.

I bought two little fake pumpkins at the dollar store after seeing this little idea. I wasn’t able to get to the spider legs, maybe next year. Keeping them simple now makes them useful for Thanksgiving!

That’s all I needed. I used the little votive candle to trace a circle around the top of the pumpkin and started carving away with the scissors and my fingers. Popped the little candle in and that’s it!

And here they are again! On my little tiny bar in my kitchen. I placed them near a mason jar filled with Halloween skeleton straws that I fell in love with.

The next little project was probably easier than the pumpkins! Only took some strategic wrist movements. You’ll see what I mean.

This is probably my new favorite Halloween craft! I found the idea here and knew I had to try it. The dollar store did not have those beautiful thick candles, but these candlesticks worked just fine. I placed the two white candlesticks in a pot and lit a red candle and waited for it to start dripping. After that it was just a matter of making sure the drips began at the top and dripped down. Easy peasy!

And there they are! I hope I can use them again next year!

And now for the final craft. This one definitely did not come out as expected, but I have an excuse 🙂 Also, it is also super easy and versatile as Thanksgiving is approaching.

I found the idea from one of my favorite blogs here.  I bought the little vases at World Market, with a coupon of course, and the candy corn and two wonderful candles to complete this look. Unfortunately, the candles are nowhere to be found. I paid for them and think I bagged them but may have forgotten the bag with these two at the store. Blerg. It was still a hit and I plan to take this to my little cubicle at work since I am not a fan of candy corn. It still made my place smell delicious!

Those are the simple little crafts I have to share for today. How are you all decorating for Halloween? I cannot wait to show y’all the pumpkin masterpieces my friends and I made! I hope everyone is having a great week!