The Ones That Got Away

As I mentioned, last month I snuck off to Los Angeles for a quick vacation. One of the main reasons I decided to visit that particular weekend was to join my friend on one of her frequent trips to the Long Beach Flea Market. I am usually bombarded with pictures of her most recent treasures (usually consisting of vintage prints) and knew I had to make sure to join her and find my own! Because I was flying back to Austin with one suitcase, I was forced to walk away from some really great finds. But not without snapping a picture of them first to serve as my own little wish list. Following are the items I wish I could have taken with me:


To start us off, a booth where pretty much everything was totally my style. The painted wood and ceramic pieces full of colors that remind me of my family were all screaming to jump into my arms. Especially that Aztec calendar and the figurine of the crying little boy, those would have been perfect on my mantel.


I have always had a weakness for wind up toy robots. I was instantly drawn to this booth with dreams of replicating Barney Stinson’s toy robot shrine from his bachelor pad in How I Met Your Mother. Unfortunately, I forced myself to walk away. Since then I have added a few little robot goodies into my wishlist.


Sugar skulls, another one of my weaknesses. Luckily, I was able to walk away with one little cutie, and I cannot wait to share that with y’all.


After working as a studio photographer I had dreams of owning my own studio one day. I thought about it constantly. Dreaming up every little detail, including a bookshelf styled with rows of vintage film cameras next to the cash register. This booth brought back all those dreams and has encouraged me to seek out new ways to work with film cameras again.


I found these beauties right at the entrance. I was captivated by all the intricate designs and I wish I could have taken that Moroccan inspired lantern or that floral beauty. Sigh, maybe one day.


I have been searching for a vintage style rotary dial telephone for a while now. I have seen many bloggers use these pieces of nostalgia to add an eclectic vibe to a bookshelf. At $70, this one was sadly out of my price range. But she will stay in my wish list for now.


I was instantly drawn to these two lamps, with big bases and huge shades. I have been in the market for a lamp with both features. That clear base filled with shells that will remind of the beach and vacations would look perfect on my white bookshelf separating my living/dining room area. And the lamp surrounded by old book covers painted onto the base would serve as the perfect bedside table lamp. Do I smell a diy project? We will see.


All of the plants! I wanted to take all of the beautiful plants with me! I had never noticed that Los Angeles has the prettiest landscaping in every part of the town that I have ever seen. It really inspired me to continue working on my green thumb.


Tanya was on a mission to buy succulents for her apartment, as I have been as well. On this trip though, I was able to admire all the different types available. And at $1.99 each, I was bummed I couldn’t take any home with me.


Not too much to say about this piece, I just really liked the round bottom and the beautiful shade of purple and could instantly imagine it sitting on the shelf in my bedroom.


Another piece I have been searching for, a mid-century style ottoman. This well loved ottoman could have been the perfect addition to my living room. Maybe I should drive to California next time.


I am pretty sure I have talked about my love for intricate mirrors. This particular one reminds me of one I had in my bedroom while I was in high school. Unfortunately, it was shattered during a car accident in my backseat. I think I am still subconsciously looking for its replacement.


And possibly my favorite piece of the day, this metal floral cut-out mirror. I was drawn to the industrial feel from the metal contrasted by the floral shapes surrounding edges. I can still imagine it in my bedroom, left untouched from the industrial foil style that initially drew me in, or spray painted a bright yellow to accent all the intricacies. Another piece high on my wish list.

Hope you enjoyed my little trip to the flea market along with some items I am still lusting over. Next time, I will be sure to take a road trip so I can purchase anything my heart and budget desires.

Mostly, this post has inspired me to seek out the flea markets in my area. Any suggestions out there for the Central Texas area?


Budget Find: Starburst Mirror

I have another exciting budget find/diy to share with y’all tonight. I have been seeing different versions of starburst mirrors online for a while now and was thinking of what kind of version I would like to make. On the same weekend I was going to buy the supplies, I stumbled upon this awesome find.

At my local Ross store I found the last round mirror leaning against the shelf with a clearance tag on it. The mirror originally retailed for $29.99 at Ross, marked down to $14.99 now, that’s 50% off! As I was inspecting the mirror to make my final decision, my little sister spotted a tiny crack on the back of the mirror, she told the cashier about it, and scored me this mirror for just under $12! I was sooo excited and had big plans for this mirror.


Gold accents have been my latest obsession, I have gone through 3 gold spray paint bottles since February, which seems like a lot considering all the rainy weekends where I wasn’t able to spray paint anything. Anyhoo, as much as I like the rustic, disheveled look, I did not think that it would stand out as much as it would in gold. I was really looking for a statement piece for my mantel. (Once again, stay tuned for that reveal!)


That means I got this baby prepped and ready for a makeover! I covered the circular mirror with tons of tape and newspaper and gave it a good cleaning with a clorox wipe.


Next, I took the mirror outside and blasted it with some spray primer. I seriously thought about leaving the starburst white for a few moments, then decided against it thinking of my initial vision.


And done! I let it dry overnight and love the finished look!


I chose a really metallic gold finish for this mirror to find a versatile statement piece for the mantel I am currently styling. I am hoping this gold mirror can easily transition between each season and allow me to decorate for each season.

As of right now the mirror is leaning against the fireplace. I hope the wall above the mantel does not defeat me as it has in the past! Because I am still so excited to share what I have been working on lately with you all!

Til then, I hope everyone is having a great week so far!