DIY: Halloween Monster Wreath

For the first time in my life I have decided to decorate for fall. I was never really interested in the idea of changing out decorations for each season, mainly because there are only really two seasons in central Texas. That is, until, I found the cutest wreaths on Pinterest! I decided on a Monster wreath to begin the season with.

I followed the amazing tutorial (linking HERE) and this has got to be the easiest and coolest DIY I have ever tried out! Here is my attempt:


I gathered all my supplies:

A 14 inch styrofoam wreath

80 yards of green tulle – the tutorial called for 100 yards but Michael’s only had 80 and I did not want to make another trip

2 styrofoam discs or balls for the eyes

Black paint and a paintbrush

2 toothpicks


I took the advice from the tutorial and found a piece of cardboard and began wrapping the entire spool of tulle. Then I cut on each side making the pieces about a foot long each.


Then I painted the eyes onto the discs. I just painted two oval circles as close to the middle as I could get it. I waited for these to dry and moved on to the next steps.


This was the easiest but longest part. Tying on 80 yards of tulle onto the wreath. I popped in one of my favorite movies, Girl Interrupted, and a bottle of wine, and got to work! I tied each piece using a square knot (right over left, left over right) until I got all the way around. Then I fluffed all the pieces up and gave the monster a little haircut to make sure all the fluff was the same length.


BOO! Next I attached the eyes. The tutorial suggested using toothpicks to pierce through the styrofoam and secure onto the wreath. I did not have toothpicks but used bobby pins which worked just fine!


And there it is! My first wreath ever! Also my first fall decoration ever. I really like it. It makes me wish my nephews were in town to see it, hope their mothers show them the picture!

It was super easy to make though, I think I will make my baby nephew an Elmo inspired wreath like this one.


A little close up 🙂


I don’t think I have ever shown off my doormat. Well, here it is! I love it 🙂 Found at World Market, marked down 20% and purchased with a coupon. I think it came out to about $7! And the pattern has held on for about 5 months, and still looks strong.



And a couple really blurry, really silly pictures of my friend wearing the monster wreath and screaming “RAWRRRR” all around my apartment. Thought y’all might enjoy those 🙂

Overall this was a super simple project. Pretty inexpensive as well. I purchased everything at Michael’s using a 50% off coupon from their app (LOVE that app)! I think the grand total was around $25, and that may be over-estimating. I hope some of you try it. If you do, share the pictures!

I hope to share the rest of my Halloween/October decorations! Until then, I hope everyone is having a great week!


4 thoughts on “DIY: Halloween Monster Wreath

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