Finding My Green Thumb

Does anybody remember the old, and I mean old, cartoon movie with the little troll with a green thumb? Google has confirmed, this troll who can make flowers appear through cracks on the concrete sidewalk is from one of my childhood favorite movies called, A Troll In Central Park. Anyhoo, I did not mean to begin writing a movie review, I was just reminded of this movie this past weekend. In the movie, the evil witch who punishes the troll for conjuring too many flowers with his green thumb, uses her own purple (and evil) thumb to turn everything to stone. I think I am her.

A few months ago, my mom gave me a plant to begin my patio garden. It was so sweet of her to pot it for me and include careful instructions for care. However, I still managed to kill it. It survived a whole two weeks with me. Granted I was out of town for a few days, but my mom confirmed it should not have dried up that quickly. My mom has the greenest thumb I know.

This past weekend I was lucky to have my parents come for a visit. My car broke down last week and my father came to fix it. While he was at work, my mom suggested going to buy more plants and following her specific instructions this time. I decided to start out with two, one with blooming flowers, the other an air purifying plant. Here they go:

I really love the colors here. Totally my style, and they match my couch! I am hoping to find a spot for them in my living room.

Is this not the prettiest little pot you have ever seen? I am a sucker for sugar skulls. Unfortunately my mom said this was way too small for the plant and it would not help it grow.

Here is my momma doing the dirty work for me.

And here they are! New soil and new big pots to help them stay healthy and grow. I think I will stick with these two for now and will hopefully add to my collection come springtime.

For now, these are both on my dining room table until I can find their permanent spots. I am so happy my mom suggested this. It is going to be nice to have this greenery in my home during the winter months.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how I should take care of these? Or any easy plants I can handle?


Care Package Reveal #2

A few weeks ago I mentioned a care package reveal that you did not want to miss. Well here it is! One of my most favorite people in the whole world abandoned me in Texas a few years ago to move to LA and follow her dreams or whatever. Ok, in all seriousness I am so proud of her and all the risks she has taken and all she has accomplished throughout the past few years. Our friendship is a special one. We have not seen each other in over a year but somehow manage to talk to each other every day. She is the only person I can talk with about my crafts, my nails, and my indecisive mind. I hope she knows how much that means to me, and how much she means to me. So now, before the waterworks show up, I want to give y’all a tiny glimpse of our amazing friendship through her eyes with this first little care package from her. (Yes, I said first because I expect way more to come Tanya!)


Here we are, NYE 2010, during one of her Texas visits. I don’t care that this picture is so old, I still love it!


I love Tanya for so many reasons. I found out reason #856 with this letter, and the explanation of the box and its contents and this adorable stamp with the adorable little guy from UP.


I sat on the floor and opened it up to this seaweed snack! More on that in a bit.


She chose this very random selection of books for me. Why? I don’t think she even has an answer for that! Except for maybe the San Francisco travel guide. We have been planning a little vacation to SanFran for the near future and I have been having so much fun reading up on the things we can do while we are there! And I love how she folded down the pages that interested her as well! As for the other two books, I have not opened those yet since I am usually reading 5 books at a time. I think I will try out the “Get serious about getting married” one. I hope its a comedy!


Next these two movies. Wrapped in the coolest shopping bag ever. Her note mentioned she bought these at a discount store for a dollar each! I am guessing her thought process here was: Sonia lives in Texas and loves Drew Barrymore. If I’m right then I am really impressed with how well she knows me 🙂


The seaweed!!!! Tanya, my favorite health nut, sent me an assortment of her favorite snacks from Trader Joes, since, in her words, “I am not blessed to live near one.” I have to admit, I love this stuff! I substitute it as a tortilla sometimes and do not taste too much of a difference. I do not usually buy it for myself and am really thankful that she thought to send me some.



Oh. My. Gosh. I pretty much inhaled this in one sitting. I am not usually a fan of trail mixes, but this one was definitely different, in that it was delicious! I hope she is reading this and takes it as a hint for more!


Ditto for these! These dried apple rings are so sweet and delicious. They have been my purse snack the past few days. What I love most about this healthy snack is that a little bit goes a long way. I definitely recommend these to anyone who is looking for a healthier work-time snack.

This was definitely such a great surprise! I thank you so much Tanya for being so thoughtful and sending me a great package! Let me know when yours arrives so I can let the blog community know what you thought about it!

There are a few other things she sent that I did not think would make sense to the people who do not know us 🙂 But I will just tell you, they were as awesome as she is.

I hope you have enjoyed this little glimpse into my life and one of my favorite friendships. I encourage you all to think of someone you can surprise with a little package, and send it their way. A little definitely goes a long way and it is such a great way to show someone how much you appreciate them in your life.