Through My Lens: March

March was definitely a good month for me! Between my older sisters visit early in the month to my spontaneous road trip to New Orleans for the weekend, I have been blessed with a lot of time spent with my loved ones. Here are a few pictures documenting the past month and some of the fun I’ve had.

Here I am holding the finished latte bowl I painted during my sisters visit earlier this month. I did not expect to love the results as much as I did. I cannot wait to show y’all how useful this little bowl has become.

March also includes SXSW, the enormous music, film and interactive festival held in Austin every year during spring break. Sadly, I worked through most of the festival but was able to take a day off and enjoy one of the biggest events during SXSW. Rachel Ray from the food network visits Austin every year to throw a huge party featuring free food (from her recipes) free booze and free music. I had so much fun with my sister and a few friends eating amazing burgers and tacos and watching Macklemore perform. I can’t wait to find out what she has planned for next year!


My best friend and I decided to take a mini vacation and have some fun in New Orleans for a few days! The drive was so long but so worth it. So happy I was able to get a shot of the welcome sign for my first visit to Louisiana! Don’t worry, I wasn’t driving.

Here I am in front of this beautiful riverboat on such a nice day. I feel most calm when I’m near the water. It was the perfect scenic route for our walk toward the casino.

And I leave you with this delicious picture of the beignets and coffee I enjoyed today at Cafe du Monde. Usually I am not one to reach for sweets but that was not the case with these. The simple combination of bread and powdered sugar really hit the spot today as an afternoon snack. I hope I can make these at home with the beignet mix they sell all around town.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tiny glimpse into my amazing month. I also hope you all have enjoyed the month as well.

Feel free to check out my Instagram profile @soniaisag to follow along as I document my adventures throughout the month.

Talk to y’all soon!


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