Budget Find: Starburst Mirror

I have another exciting budget find/diy to share with y’all tonight. I have been seeing different versions of starburst mirrors online for a while now and was thinking of what kind of version I would like to make. On the same weekend I was going to buy the supplies, I stumbled upon this awesome find.

At my local Ross store I found the last round mirror leaning against the shelf with a clearance tag on it. The mirror originally retailed for $29.99 at Ross, marked down to $14.99 now, that’s 50% off! As I was inspecting the mirror to make my final decision, my little sister spotted a tiny crack on the back of the mirror, she told the cashier about it, and scored me this mirror for just under $12! I was sooo excited and had big plans for this mirror.


Gold accents have been my latest obsession, I have gone through 3 gold spray paint bottles since February, which seems like a lot considering all the rainy weekends where I wasn’t able to spray paint anything. Anyhoo, as much as I like the rustic, disheveled look, I did not think that it would stand out as much as it would in gold. I was really looking for a statement piece for my mantel. (Once again, stay tuned for that reveal!)


That means I got this baby prepped and ready for a makeover! I covered the circular mirror with tons of tape and newspaper and gave it a good cleaning with a clorox wipe.


Next, I took the mirror outside and blasted it with some spray primer. I seriously thought about leaving the starburst white for a few moments, then decided against it thinking of my initial vision.


And done! I let it dry overnight and love the finished look!


I chose a really metallic gold finish for this mirror to find a versatile statement piece for the mantel I am currently styling. I am hoping this gold mirror can easily transition between each season and allow me to decorate for each season.

As of right now the mirror is leaning against the fireplace. I hope the wall above the mantel does not defeat me as it has in the past! Because I am still so excited to share what I have been working on lately with you all!

Til then, I hope everyone is having a great week so far!


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