Pinspire Me: Bedside Table Styling

For the past year I have switched out three different bedside tables, finding each one more difficult than the last one to style! For this post, I have collected three very different types of tables that have been beautifully decorated. This way, I can no longer blame the table for my lack of inspiration. Enjoy!



At first, I was captivated by this bright cobalt blue table. After reading the entry I found out this was a custom color from a fabric swatch, what a great idea to pull all the items in the room together. After taking a closer look I realized I also really like the styling. Nice height provided by the lamp and different frames and that cute little clock is a HomeGoods find! Overall, I think this table along with the decor is a win!



Y’all know me, I can’t pass up anything with an owl, that includes anything on Pinterest. Besides the owl, I love the basic white look on this table along with that nice wooden box. The blogger does not go into detail on the contents of the box but something similar would be helpful for me. Also, that lamp, I WANT.



And finally, this excellent example of what chic really looks like. Let me start with the table, the glossy white color and the curvy and sturdy leg, just beautiful. Someone help me find a table like this, please! Anyhoo, it turns out the nightstand was finished for a design contest, I hope the blogger won because this is perfect to me. I really like the lamp with the big acrylic base next to that tray with a nice, sleek and modern clock. It all looks so nice and I hope to recreate something similar.

Overall, I feel inspired to replicate these looks on my own. The first step will definitely be finding a cute and useful table. Does anybody have any suggestions on where to look? I hope to accomplish this soon! And will definitely keep y’all posted! Til then, I hope everyone has had a great week!


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