Through My Lens: November

Well, here we go again. One month gone and the year is coming to a close. How have the past 11 months treated you all? For me, the past 30 days have definitely made me aware of all the things I am truly grateful for, and not just because of Thanksgiving. Here are a few of the reasons I have been grateful this past month. I hope you all can share some with me as well!


The weather this month was all over the place. From a brisk 65 to a humid 88 degrees, I made sure to celebrate the few days of sunshine we had. My new favorite thing with my new shift is eating my lunch outside on the bright yellow picnic tables. This day was particularly nice. I am glad I was able to enjoy my salad outside with a nice book.


My family came together at the beginning of the month to celebrate my baby nephews birthday. It was such a fun day and my nephew looked so adorable running around having a good time. This year his birthday party was held at Old McDonalds Farm, and it was really the perfect venue. They have pony rides, petting zoos, a pumpkin patch and a playground. I had such a great time and I was so glad to be a part of it. I can’t wait for next year already!


Here I am with my three amazing sisters. And a photobomb by my nephew. Sometimes I think we look a lot alike, but I don’t think so here lol. Because I can only see my sisters a few times a year, I have really learned to appreciate the time that I am able to spend with them. I am so grateful for all my sisters and am so glad I was able to see them twice this month.


Here I am with my little sister, the little weirdo that can always keep me sane, unless she is the one driving me crazy. What can I say about her, I love my baby sister and I miss her living 30 miles away. Nothing makes me happier than spending time with her.


And now for this other weirdo, my good friend Adrian came by for a quick visit this month. I can always enjoy myself with this guy, even if we are just driving around having a sing along with one of his great mixes. Here we are at one of my favorite spots in Austin, the Baylor Street Wall Art on Castle Hill that I reluctantly dragged Adrian to after buying some delicious juices. He could hardly keep up with all of the Austin-y activities but I hope he can come by again soon to try out a few more fun activities. Next stop: hot yoga!

So what do you have to be grateful for?


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