DIY: Leaf Bowl and Fall Mantel


Does anybody else have any last minute fall projects inspired by Pinterest they have been meaning to tackle? I certainly did and finally got around to making this leaf bowl this weekend. I am really happy to share this project with y’all today because I think it will be the perfect addition to any Thanksgiving tablescape. Keep reading for the full tutorial!

First step is to gather all the supplies.

  • I found two bouquets of leaves on clearance at Big Lots for $2.50 each. Honestly, I probably only needed one but I am glad I bought both to choose from a variety of sizes.
  • You will also need a ton of Mod Podge
  • A sponge brush
  • A bowl to fill in as the mold
  • and Cling Wrap to cover the bowl



I de-veined  the leaves by separating them from the branches to make them easier to work with. This was a really easy process. You just have to make sure to pull at the right spot to make sure you don’t tear the leaf.


Next, I covered my bowl with many, many layers of saran wrap. It was probably too much saran wrap. After I finished the project I saw this video tutorial on YouTube that suggests spraying the bowl with cooking spray before applying the saran wrap to help it cling to the bowl better. I’ll make sure to remember that step next year. I covered my workstation, prepared my mod podge and got to work.


I started at the center, strategically placing the largest leaves at the bottom to make the bowl more secure. I basically eyeballed each leaf to make for the best color combination possible. I let the bowl dry about 30 minutes, added a final layer of mod podge and left it to dry overnight.


The following day all that was left to do was to separate the bowl from the plastic wrap and trim off any excess glue leftover. I realize that I probably used a bit too much glue but at least I know its sturdy.


I bought some of my favorite candy to fill the bowl with and I was done!


The bowl is now happily sitting on my mantel that has been decorated for fall. It is placed right next to an apothecary jar filled with some wine corks and a flameless candle trio I am currently loving.


On the opposite side is a pumpkin I chose from a pumpkin patch I went to at my nephews birthday party atop some curled up leaf garland. Perched in front of the pumpkin is the adorable wood owl my nephew bought me for Christmas last year, he knows me so well.

And that’s it! I’ve definitely enjoyed this fall season but am so ready for winter.

What projects have you worked on lately?


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