DIY: Makeup Brush Holder


Earlier this year, I wrote about my dream to redecorate/reorganize my bathroom by sharing some inspiring photos of beautifully styled bathrooms. I have been trying a few things out but none have stuck around long enough to share with y’all. I am happy to report that this is no longer the case as I am getting closer to my goal each week. The most recent conquest: organizing my make up collection. I recycled a few candle canisters and decided to use one as a makeup brush holder. There are a ton of tutorials on the web for this process and I decided to share my incredibly easy version with y’all today.

First step is to romance yourself and burn those candles as often as you want to. You do not need to justify it with a “special occasion”. Anyhoo, once the candle is about 1/2 an inch thick and no longer able to burn, stick the entire container in the freezer. I recommend to leave your containers to freeze overnight.

Next, grab a butter knife and run it around the sides to separate it from the container.

This one was a breeze and it broke into pieces immediately. Some are not so easy and you have to stab it a few times to break it apart. I throw away the extra wax. I have read other tutorials where people save the wax to make a super candle. Maybe next time.

Next, I filled each jar with hot water and left them to soak for 5 minutes. The only thing left to do is to scrub them clean. I recommend you use a sponge that is ready to throw out because the wax, glue and soot all cling to the sponge.

And there you have it! A nice clear container to use as nice and sleek storage containers. Most of the jars that I use in my bathroom were once old candle containers. You will see most of these during my bathroom reveal, which is coming very very soon.

Ta da! To use as a brush holder most people use vase filler or the rocks you use in a fishtank to make sure the brushes stand up right. I decided to skip this step. I was thinking ahead in case I clumsily knocked it down one morning and was left to pick up a huge mess. That would be no good. So, my brushes are standing solo for now.

I set the container atop the new three drawer makeup organizer I scored this weekend at the container store for $15! I filled it with the makeup I use daily and am loving it! This is definitely an improvement from my old organization decision, using my travel makeup bag, every single day.

I am loving the new little corner on my sink. I cannot wait to share the other corner and everything else I have been working on.

Til then, I hope everyone is having a fantastic week! I am preparing for my weekend of celebration for my nephews 10th birthday! I cannot wait to show y’all what I’ve been working on for him!


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