Through My Lens: August

First off, I’d like to apologize for my absence. I have not been feeling too creative lately and decided to take a little break. But I’m back now! I just got back from the craft store actually and am ready to share my next few projects with y’all. Before all of that happens, I’d like to share what I’ve been up to the rest of the month through my Instagram photos.

I know I mentioned I wasn’t feeling too creative this month but I made one exception last weekend to help make a Cowboys tutu for my best friend. After the most stressful hunt for the materials (who knew royal blue tulle was so hard to find?!) we spent our Sunday watching the VMA’s and finishing up this beauty. I love the final result!

The main reason I decided to take a blogging break is because I was stranded in Houston for a week at the beginning of the month. My car broke down, AGAIN and my weekend visiting my parents turned into an impromptu vacation. I am so fortunate to have my father always willing and capable to help me out! Here he is fixing the wheel bearing, or something like that.

While I was visiting I was able to see one of my favorite people and fellow blogger as he picked me up for a delicious Sunday brunch date. Here is a picture of my beautiful omelet and our mimosas. Pictures of food are probably one of my favorite things. Anyhoo, Adrian is a hilarious lifestyle blogger who typically writes about his daily adventures and introspective moments. Hope you can check his page out!

I know I said I was stranded in Houston, making it sound like it was a miserable situation, in all seriousness it provided the perfect break for me to relax and enjoy my family. And that includes my adorable nephew. I am so happy that I was able to see him and my sisters everyday I was there. Here he is at the park feeding the ducks, right before he chased me around the lake. He is the funnest little boy and I am so happy I was able to spend some time with him.

Earlier this month I posted my bucket list for the next six months. On that list I mentioned I wanted to start running and I’ve been following through with that so well. Mostly because I’ve been so motivated by these new shoes. I’ve never loved a pair of shoes so much, especially ones that force me to be active lol. And the fact that they were on super sale at Nordstrom rack makes them even better. I have been wearing these everyday since I bought them and I still can’t stop smiling at the beautiful bright blue and coral.

That’s pretty much all I’ve been up to. Enjoying some family time and working on my fitness. I forgot to mention I’m on day 7 of the Advocare cleanse and feeling soo good! I guess most of my creativity has been used up making clean and healthy meals, they have all been delicious! Anyway, I am so glad to be back and I can’t wait to share what I’ve been working on!


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