Twenty five before twenty five


Last week marked the six month countdown to my 25th birthday. Meaning that in six short months I will no longer be considered to be in my early twenties, and that kind of scares the crap out of me. I can remember the huge plans I had for myself at 10 years old for my 25th year. Not much has changed. I still have big plans for myself, they have just changed from the vision I had 15 years ago.

I have been inspired by many other bloggers using their birthdays as a deadline to accomplish different things. I’ve seen craft lists, workout lists and am now adding my own little bucket list to achieve before next February. Most of the things on this list are things I have always wanted to try, some are things I haven’t enjoyed in a while, others are things I’m putting on this list to finally get them done.

twenty five – before – twenty five

Take improv classes
Pierce my nose
Start running
Tie dye a t-shirt
Take a podcast course
Buy a tv
Build a piece of furniture
Take a cooking class
Run a 5k
Take a day trip
Play laser tag
Ride a rollercoaster
Find the perfect foundation
Contribute to a non-dv cause
Go to the dermatologist
See a psychic
Go on an online date
Bake a pie
Make jam from scratch
Buy a bed
Buy a strangers coffee
Sew a skirt
Cut my hair
Break a piñata
Create a birthday savings account

Anything I missed? I am open to any suggestion! I hope you can join me on this next little adventure!


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