Through My Lense: June

Another month flew by for me. June was definitely over in a flash which I think was the case because I had so much to look forward to! I spent a long weekend in North Texas with my sister and my nephew, I took a quick trip to South Padre with two of my favorite girlfriends and I booked my flight for my next vacation! As for the vacation, you’ll hear more about that next month, for now, I hope you enjoy my month in instagrams.

As I mentioned above, I spent a few weeks in North Texas to chauffeur my nephew to and from summer camp while my sister and her husband worked. I had so much fun with them and I felt so blessed to be able to spend time with them. I was especially happy because my sisters fridge was packed with flan, my favorite Mexican dessert. Here I am with my personal flan beating my sister at scrabble. Like I said, it was a good weekend!

One of my favorite things to do is to play with kitchen gadgets. I just love the idea of someone trying to make everybody’s life easier. Here I am trying out my sisters pineapple corer for the first time. It was slightly terrifying because this thing was super sharp but it all worked out in the end and we were able to enjoy the season finale of The Amazing Race with perfectly cut pineapple slices.

Look at that, now that’s the good life! As I said, I took a quick trip to South Padre Island with my two favorite girls, and here I am relaxing under an umbrella near the water. There is seriously nothing better than laying near water with an adult beverage on a hot summer afternoon. I hope I can squeeze another trip down there before summer is over.

On the drive back from the valley my best friend and I stopped at my favorite restaurant in San Antonio, Mi Tierra. It’s open 24 hours and serves some pretty darn good enchiladas. After our meal we stopped by the panaderia portion of the restaurant. They serve fresh pan dulce, or sweet bread, and I bought some for the road. I hope to make another trip soon!

Last but not least, a quick pic of me and my friends taking a break from the sun to grab a delicious piña colada. This is my new favorite picture of the three of us, it highlights our personalities perfectly. I really can’t wait for our reunion, us three and the beach!
That’s my month in a nutshell! I apologize once again for my absence, I promise to plan better for my blog during my next few trips so I don’t fall behind again. I hope everyone enjoyed their month as much as I did! Talk to y’all soon.


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