Pinspire Me: Coffee Table Styling

For the past few months I have been experiencing a bad case of the coffee table blues. As soon as I resigned my lease I started thinking of all the projects I’ve accomplished in the past year and how happy I am with my space at the moment, all except for my coffee table. I bought a temporary coffee table a year ago and sadly, it is still in my possession with one broken leg from my attempts to move it with my foot. As I was looking through my home decorating board on Pinterest I became green with envy at all the beautifully styled coffee tables I have collected and not pursued. I decided to stay positive and share these inspirations with you all to hopefully motivate me to get a move on styling that coffee table, even if it has to mean keeping the temporary one.



I love the idea of combining three drum stools to function as a coffee table. These were specifically used as multi-function furniture as they can also serve as extra seating for company. Now, the drum stools were definitely enough to sell this photograph to me but the styling is what really sealed the deal for me. I just love that brass tray, perfect for a candle, flowers, or drinks for your guests. I also couldn’t resist that candy tray, at least I think its candy, full to the brim and ready to surprise any guest with a sweet tooth.



Watermelon pink. I fell head over heels for this coffee table, particularly the color. After reading the blog entry and hearing that this was her compromise, settling on one pink home accessory, I think she chose perfectly. The modern lines of the table make sure that the table is not too feminine or frilly (not that there is anything wrong with that!). I also love the idea of fresh flowers on the coffee table, providing a fresh scent as I am watching tv reading.



I first pinned this photograph for that beautiful brass bar cart and those watercolor-esque floral pillows, just perfect. Taking a closer look, I noticed those snakeskin coffee tables. I really like the subdued animal print, it pairs really well with that bright red tray. This coffee table was created by two side tables placed next to each other and really get the job done. As I am looking for a new table I will be looking at this picture the most for inspiration, for sure. P.S. Can someone please buy me an “Everyday I’m Hustlin” pillow!

I hope you have enjoyed my coffee table roundup, I know it has definitely motivated me and taken me out of my dark and green place. I do not know how soon I can go coffee table shopping, but that doesn’t mean I can’t style my already owned/slightly broken coffee table. I hope to share some update on that soon!

Til then, I hope everyone has a great weekend! You will most likely catch me near a pool and a wine glass! Talk to y’all soon!


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