Manicure of the Month: Nautical Nails

ImageI am sharing a nautical/beach-y inspired manicure I rocked this weekend in South Padre Island. I decided to give my new nail art brushes a try with this anchor along with my newest bottle of polish. I am not including a tutorial on these nails because YouTube is full of them, just a few pictures of me strutting them on my impromptu beach vacation.

ImageA few weeks ago I hit the jackpot at my local beauty supply store with a “buy 2 polishes get 1 free” special! I bought some china glaze polishes and could not love them more. I really like the thick brushes provided along with the opaque formula for the colors I chose. Pictured above is Dorothy Who? by China Glaze, atop a beach side background.ImageThe anchor is a little funky but I have decided to cut myself some slack. It was 3am and I was trying to finish packing to leave at 6am. Considering the conditions, I am pleased with the crooked anchor. ImageI used a dotting tool to outline the anchor shape, and a nail striper to make the lines as thick and straight as possible. I followed a few tutorials to watch how others achieved the look.

I fell in love with this royal blue glitter polish. I feel it will come in handy during football season, matching the Dallas Cowboys colors perfectly. Image

Here it is in Instagram form (I went a little instagram happy this weekend while at the beach). I am sure a few of those photos will make the cut for my end of the month Instagram wrap-up.

Til then, I hope to share a little more of my trip with y’all.


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