DIY: Bookshelf Makeover

I know, I know…it’s been a while. I missed this little blog the past few days, but am glad to be back with a little project I worked on this weekend with my older sister. I spent the past week in North Texas playing nanny/chauffeur for my 9 year old nephew. It was such a great week and I am so sad it is over.

One night my sister decided she wanted to decoupage an old bookshelf for her classroom with an old map. We got to work at 11 pm and I am very pleased with the result considering how tired we both were. Please excuse the horribly grainy pictures from our creative night.


My sister is a World History teacher with the cutest and coziest classroom ever. Last time I visited, I did not want to leave. I was happy to help her out with a project she has had on her to-do list to help make her classroom feel even cozier. I hope to share a few pictures of her class one day, if she allows it.


She inherited this bookshelf from my mothers pantry. It fits textbooks perfectly and sits near the door in her classroom.


We gathered the necessary supplies:

Mod Podge and foam brushes

an X-acto knife to trim the map

and a map (or scrapbook paper)


The vintage world map was perfect for her world history classroom. It was a duplicate map, the other is framed nicely in for the class.


Naruto, my nephews cat, decided to jump on the top shelf as we were measuring the map around all the curves. He figured lights on meant play time and we took a break to play and finish an episode of The Amazing Race (which I am obsessed with now and watched an entire season this week).


We finished cutting and started mod podging (is that a word?). We painted on two thin layers and left them to dry overnight.


And voila! Here it is the following day! It is not finished but I am proud enough to share it with you all here. My sister has bigger plans for the edges of the shelves and will paint them maroon after her schools colors. I hope to visit her classroom this fall and will share the end result. For the summer, it will probably hang out in the living room.

Hope you enjoyed this little project, I promise to be back with a few more projects and budget finds! Til then, I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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