Through My Lens: May

I feel like I say this every month, but I really cannot believe May is over. It definitely flew by for me this year! I had a good month all around, celebrated my little sisters graduation and birthday, spent mothers day with my momma, spent time with my amazing older sisters and their crazy sons, exercised my facilitation skills at work, and renewed my lease for my apartment! I felt busy pretty much every day this month, with the exception of about one week-ish when I got sick, blergh. But I am happy to share a few of the fun moments captured through Instagram, Enjoy!


First up is my all time favorite summertime drink. Horchata, or rice milk, is a traditional Mexican beverage that offers the perfect amount of sweetness on a really hot day. I found this new to me brand at World Market on sale and just had to grab it! I am so glad I did because it was delicious! My mom even gave it her stamp of approval. Can’t wait to buy some more to drink by the pool this summer.


I was having a really busy week and decided to focus solely on things to treat my self. (Think Donna and Tom from Parks and Recreation.) So I tried a new manicure trend and fell in love with it, using my make up bag as inspiration, and tried the new banana milkshake flavor at my favorite local burger stand, P. Terry’s! Two very good ways for me to de-stress!


As I mentioned above, I was able to spend Mothers Day with my parents and took my mom to her favorite spot in Austin, Mount Bonnell. I believe this is the highest point in Austin and definitely provides a beautiful view. I think my mom really enjoyed being around all the beautiful trees and birds, my dad was a different story lol. I take after my mom and feel most at peace surrounded by nature, and I am glad I was able to share that with her on Mothers Day!


One of my favorite things to do since I moved to Austin 6 years ago is to visit local food trucks. Recently, the trucks have been moved out of their iconic spots down South Congress, the street leading to the capitol and downtown, and I made sure to make one last trip down before they were permanently relocated. I tried a new truck called Burro serving artisan grilled cheeses, and they were delicious! It makes me so sad that these trucks are forced to move to make room for a hotel, but I am definitely grateful for the delicious times they have provided me with the past few years.


Last but not least, my family celebrated my little sisters graduation from Southwestern University at the beginning of the month. This was definitely an emotional day as we were all so very proud of the baby of the family and her huge accomplishment, but I was so sad because it meant she was one step closer to moving away from me. Anyhoo, it was an amazing ceremony, and I was glad to celebrate it with my whole family!

I hope everyone had as great a month as I did! Here’s to hoping June will be just as fun!

How did everyone else spend their month? Anybody else celebrate graduations or Mother’s Day? I’d love to hear about it!


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