Manicure of the Month: Ombre Manicure


Summer has arrived prematurely this year in Central Texas. At least it definitely feels like summer to me, I am trying not to think about the record highs coming soon in the next couple of months. Back to the topic, to help me cope with the summer heat, I often wear bright and neon colors to mask my unhappiness (ok, I’ll quit with the dramatics).

Bright and colorful can definitely describe my summer wardrobe. To get in the spirit, I decided to incorporate two of my favorite and brightest colors in my manicure this month, coral and mint! Enjoy!


I used Tart Deco by Essie and Mint Sorbet by Sally Hansen Xtreme wear to pull this look off.

I started with two thin coats of white nail polish to make the colors pop once applied as well as help them seem as opaque as possible. This is a very important step because I used the makeup sponge method to get the gradient effect. There are a ton of video tutorials for this technique but it is really so simple to achieve.

I cut a makeup sponge to fit my thumb, applied a generous coat of each polish, and sponged it on from right to left. I used two coats for each nail taking me a total of 10 minutes for the entire look!


Don’t forget to use your favorite quick drying top coat. I am currently obsessed with my new bottle of Seche Vite topcoat. I am noticing my manicure chips less often and it dries the polish in two minutes, tops. The main reason this topcoat gets 5 stars for me is that it provides you with a gel-like finish for your manicure!


I’ve been getting so many compliments on my nails and even saw something similar featured on a few beauty blogs! I am already thinking of other color combination possibilities (think sunset or ocean!).


As promised, an example of my true love for all of my iphone photo apps.

Anybody else have any new beauty product faves? Or manicure trends they are hoping to try out soon? Let me know so I can join in!

I am finally feeling better and getting over a little cold and am so excited to get back on track with my DIY tutorials! Make sure to stay tuned for those!

Til next time!


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