An Easely Amusing Afternoon


Last week was full of celebrations! My little sister graduated from college and turned 22 all in the same week! To celebrate her birthday we chose to join a little painting class at Easely Amused.

This new local joint features paint-with-instruction classes, there are a few locations around Austin. I chose this location because they had an amazing deal off Groupon. And they did not disappoint! The staff was amazing, the studio was so inviting and it is BYOB. If you are an Austin local, I definitely recommend Easely Amused for a nice and creative afternoon.

Following is my attempt at documenting this fun time!


There’s my perfect blank canvas alongside a bottle of sangria to help the artistic juices flow. In all honesty, we hardly drank any of it (or the other bottle we took) because we were so busy and enthralled with the instructions and our paintings. We chose a simple white and red sangria so my little sister could reminisce of her Spain days from last summer.



My little sister almost looks angry when she is concentrating.







Here we are with our finished masterpieces! I wish I could keep both! Also, I am pretty obsessed with the new A Beautiful Mess photo app! I am sure you will be able to notice my obsession with all my upcoming posts.

I am not going to lie, this was a very frightening and stressful experience at times. The feeling of uncertainty and not having a tutorial printed out before was definitely making me sweat. But I just love and thrive on feeling vulnerable. I felt more accomplished at the end knowing I was proud of my hard work.


“I feel there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” -Van Gogh

I have never heard this quote but I can assure you this is now printed up and posted in my cubicle at work. As a domestic violence advocate I feel no words are more true than this statement here. Staring at this inspirational wall while painting was definitely a plus!

This was such a fun experience, I hope I am able to continue doing fun things around Austin just like this! Besides all the fun I knew the class was going to be, I did have a hidden agenda the entire night. I am so excited to announce that the Ikea Lack shelf I have been battling for the past 6 months was finally defeated by my dad! Pictures are coming soon, spotlighting my new mantel decoration created at Easely Amused. Stay tuned for the reveal!

Til then, I hope everyone is off to a great start of the week!


5 thoughts on “An Easely Amusing Afternoon

    • It really was a lot of fun!

      Thanks for checking it out, I recently saw your post on Gruene and am so tempted to make the drive this weekend! Let me know if you have any other suggestions for the day trip!

      • Hi, thanks for checking out my blog! I’m going to try and get my sister to go with me to Easely Amused; she’s actually painted a lot, and I think we’d have a great time even if her painting will be way better than mine (I can take it:).
        For a day trip to Gruene, I love to just walk around and look at the shops. Just a head’s up, it will be crazy this weekend. I used to go tubing on Memorial Day every year, and it was an event, fun but super crowded. Although now that they banned cans on the river, I’ve heard it’s not as crowded. I really liked the Fickle Pickle last time we were there. We were tempted but didn’t go into The Grapevine; if you drink wine, I’ve heard it’s good.
        In case you decide to not deal with the Memorial Day crowd, they have a market day every third weekend of the month (next one June 15th and 16th) that I haven’t been to but am going to try and drag my husband to this next month:).
        I hope that was helpful a little! I love to just walk around and look in all the cool shops. If you’re up for it, Gruene Hall is so much fun. I would love to hear if you find anything cool! I’m always looking for new places to visit.

      • I am sure you will love Easely Amused! Everyone’s painting was so different at the end but all so beautiful! I completely forgot about Memorial day, thanks for the heads up! Market day sounds like fun, hopefully I can make it up then as well!

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