Budget Find: Moroccan Side Table


I have a long overdue budget find to share with y’all today. A few months ago, during one of my frequent trips to World Market, I stumbled upon the most vibrant red drum stool. As much as I fell in love with the color and details on the top and sides of the drum, the price is what made this item jump from the store floor to my trunk.


That’s right, you are seeing that correctly. Regular price $60 and only $15 out of my pocket! The cashier had a hard time believing it and checkout took about 15 minutes because she had to clear the price with her manager.

My initial hopes for this stool was to use it for its intended purpose, as a barstool. Not so unfortunately for me,  I snagged the last red stool in perfect condition. The one pictured above had a huge dent on its side making me move along.


After bringing it home it served as an excellent substitute for a nightstand. The top was a bit too small and I eventually found a new nightstand (which I cannot wait to share with you all). I knew exactly what to do with this budget find next.

It is placed right next to my fireplace and soon-to-be mantel. I was able to style it this weekend after a quick and impromptu trip to Ikea!


Before I placed any other object on the table, I knew my little dinosaur succulent planter was going to live here. I bought him back in December at a local craft fair and have been searching for a way to display him front and center. I think this works.


To top it all off, I included a stack of my favorite young adult books and a globe I found at World Market. The beautiful orchid and flower pot are from Ikea! I fell in love with the delicate lace-like design on the flower pot and at $3.99 I knew it was the perfect match for my new orchid plant. The orchid is part of my attempt to bring more flowers into my apartment and I hope it can continue to bring warmth to my home.

I hope you enjoyed my little drum stool turned side table as much as I’m enjoying it! I can’t wait to share more from my recent trip to Ikea.

Til then, I hope everyone is enjoying their week!


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