Chalkboard Can Fix Anything

For the past few months my little sister has been staying with me 1-2 nights a week as she finished her internship. I live a lot closer to the museums in downtown Austin than she does and she has been catching the bus off my street. Anyhoo, a few weeks ago she commented on my kitchen, mainly on how there is no order or organization to it. I completely disagree because I know exactly where everything is, but realized that my idea of organization does not make it easy for anyone else to find anything in my kitchen. She would often wake up 5 hours before me with no idea where the coffee or sugar was hidden. I finally decided to start giving my little kitchen an update. This is the beginning to my organization journey.

I found these great chalkboard labels at none other but World Market. With a coupon code I scored these 6 stick-on labels (chalk included) for $2.19! I knew exactly what purpose they would serve, organizing my kitchen canisters.

My mom has been slowly cleaning out her kitchen cabinets and passing off a few useful things my way. One of those trips landed me these awesome kitchen canisters. There aren’t any windows in my kitchen so I apologize for the pictures, but these canisters are a nice, deep hunter green. After giving them a good cleaning they found their home right next to my juicer and coffeemaker.

The labels were so easy to stick on and had such a smooth canvas to write on. I would definitely recommend these labels for anyone who is looking for a cute way to organize anything, just try and pick up a chalk pen while you are out.

I made one label for all four canisters: tea, iced coffee packets, coffee  and Larabar snack bars (I am addicted to these all-natural snack bars). I like that everything seems more user friendly for any guests I have over.

Overall, I am so happy with these little labels. By the way, while I was at World Market I noticed similar canisters on the shelf for $4.99-$7.99 each. I am so glad I saved with my mom’s gift.

As I said, this is only the beginning. I am excited to share the other ideas I have to organize and decorate my kitchen.

I hope everyone has a nice and fun weekend. Until next time!


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