Pinspire Me: Succulent Planters

Spring is here! The best time to be in Texas. Beautiful wildflowers off every highway, lots of rain filling up the rivers, and nice crisp and cool weather. Now, how to transfer all that beauty inside my apartment.

As much as I love my apartment, there are not enough windows for my personal preference. Since I cannot install any new windows, I am on the lookout for ways to bring what I love from the outdoors, inside.

For that I have been searching through Pinterest, no surprise there, for different ideas. Succulents. The internet world is crazy for succulents, as am I. A few of the following photographs have really inspired me to give these plants a try. Hope you enjoy!



This vintage plant stand is the perfect way to display the colorful array of succulents. The variety here is the perfect example of what I hope to achieve. You can never go wrong with a post by the lovely girls over at A Beautiful Mess.



I was instantly attracted to this simple display of this cactus. Especially once I noticed the accents attached to the cactus that resemble vintage brooches. Paired with that pink pot, this screams elegant perfection. Unfortunately I could not find the source of this photograph. If anyone knows who took it, let me know so I can give credit to the photographer.



Last but not least, this beautiful collection of colorful cactus set in this turquoise planter. Everything is perfect here, the nice round claw-foot pot displays the interesting greenery nicely. I hope I am able to replicate something as bright and colorful for my desk.

I have found some local shops selling different types of succulents and cactus at affordable prices. I am planning a trip soon to make sure and share what I hope to be low maintenance house plants that provide an outdoor feel inside my apartment.

What has inspired you lately? I hope everyone has a great weekend, I hope to relax, then relax, then relax some more. Talk to y’all soon!


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