DIY: Arm Candy Dish


Keeping with the current theme, I have discovered a new way to store and organize my jewelry. After sharing my necklace and earring organizer tutorials, I knew I needed to find a solution for the many bracelets and watches I have been purchasing. Without knowing it, the little latte bowl I painted a few weeks ago would be the answer.



I visited a local ceramic shop about a month ago and chose this little bowl to paint without the slightest idea of its purpose. After toying with the idea of a new candy bowl, or a spare change catch-all, I realized that it is the perfect size for my watches. I scrounged up the rest of my arm candy to throw in there and was done.


It is already filled to the brim which can be a really good thing. It can serve as a visual deterrent from buying more jewelry. That’s the hope at least.


I really appreciate the burst of color the bowl adds to the top of my dresser. Along with my World Market finds, the candle and the paper mache box from India, the top of my dresser is definitely a lot more vibrant. I love finding a useful purpose for an object I impulsively buy. Not only does this bowl add function to my life holding all of my bracelets, it also validates my instincts as an impulsive shopper. Although I’m sure I could have set the empty bowl out and be just as happy since it feels like my own creation.

Overall I feel very satisfied with the final step to my jewelry organization needs. I am tackling my nail polish collection next, stay tuned for that.

Til then, I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! I hope mine is relaxing despite the crossfit training session I signed up to try in the morning, wish me luck!


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