DIY: Earring Organizer


I am very excited to share this next DIY project with y’all today. I have been on a jewelry organization kick lately after creating my Texas sized necklace organizer from a few months ago. I knew I needed a matching storage tool for all of my earrings and found the perfect solution with a few embroidery hoops. Follow along for the tutorial. Enjoy!



I began by gathering all my supplies. I found the embroidery hoops at Walmart, the larger one was $3 and the smaller one was $2.50. I also found this lace valance curtain for $1.99 at Savers which has been useful for a few projects. Found my scissors and got to work!


I started off by laying the larger circle of the hoop down on a flat surface and covered it with the lace curtain. I pushed the smaller circle in making sure the lace is pulled tightly all around. Then I fastened the hoops together at the top.


Next, I went around the hoops and cut off the excess lace. I made sure to trim it really well so it could lay flat once it was on the wall.


And that’s it! Here it is before it was adorned by my earrings.


Voila! Super functional on the wall, right next to my diy necklace organizer. The hoops hold so many earrings! These two still have so much room for more, which is dangerous to think about because I do not need to be buying more jewelry.


I am so glad I decided on the yellow hoops. They look so nice next to the necklaces. The jewelry wall has become so useful the past few weeks as I am getting ready for my day. No more searching around for the lost pair of earrings right before work.

This has definitely been one of my most functional projects and it was so easy to achieve. I really hope you all give it a try! If you do, please share the pictures!

I cannot wait to share how I have organized the rest of my jewelry. Til then, I hope everyone is off to a great start of the week!


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