DIY: Easter Baskets

In my family, Easter felt like a really big deal growing up. I would put on a pretty dress, mentally prepare myself to sit inside a crowded church and get ready for all the chaos that would follow after mass…the easter egg hunt and the confetti eggs. With my “baby” sister about to turn 22, my family stopped celebrating Easter along with all the traditions a long time ago.

With all the memories I have from Easter, aside from the confetti eggs, my favorite has to be opening up my Easter basket and checking out all the goodies inside. Back then, I was disgusted by bunnies and refused to eat anything bunny shaped, these are the regrets in my life. Anyhoo, that is besides the point. My sisters and at times my aunts would bring my little sister and I baskets for the holiday and it is a tradition I really miss.

To bring this happy time back for us and to pay it forward for the kids in our life, my little sister and I put together baskets for our nephews. We had so much fun shopping for all of the goodies and trying to personalize the baskets as much as possible since one nephew is 9 and the other is 2. I hope they have enjoyed these gifts as much as I enjoyed making them!

First on the list was gathering the perfect baskets for the boys. These needed to be big enough to hold the goodies, but not so big that it would cost a fortune to ship them. We decided on a bucket with robots and aliens for the 9 year old, so he can use it to store some art supplies after he empties all the goodies. And a felt basket with a fox on it for the baby, because, well, there is no real explanation here, the fox was just so adorable.

As far as the filling…we shoved pale green grass into the baskets and topped it off with these silly plastic eggs that we found on sale at Michael’s. We filled each egg with a bag of Super Mario fruit gummies that I know they will both love. We decided with simple gummies since I am sure they will collect a bunch of other candy this Sunday.

Also in the basket was one huge egg wrapped in an Angry Bird for each nephew. Inside the egg are some Angry Bird shaped lollipops for them to enjoy. I still do not understand the Angry Bird fad but I am glad my sister spotted these at Target.

Isn’t this the COOLEST rubber duck you have ever seen? This was the perfect final touch for my 9 year old nephews basket. It reminds me of all his drawings and I hope it inspires him to send me a drawing soon.

This is the finished product of Abel’s, the 9 year old, basket. This picture does not do it justice. There are a few crazy face eggs, the angry bird egg, the alien duck and a coloring book. And let’s not forget the cool basket. It has been delivered and I really hope I hear about how much he enjoyed it!

And here is Joaquin’s, the baby, finished basket. I did not get a picture of that chick but it is my favorite thing in the basket. It’s a wind up chick that walks and jumps around. My sister let me know the basket has arrived and he is playing with the chick, letting it walk through his legs, I can just imagine the giggles happening right now.
I hope this becomes a little tradition and that I’m able to send my nephews baskets since I’m not able to spend this holiday with them. For less than $20 for both baskets (not including shipping) I’m sure I’ll be able to send one each year. How is everyone celebrating the holiday weekend? Whatever your plans may be, be safe and have fun! I know I will! Talk to y’all soon.


2 thoughts on “DIY: Easter Baskets

  1. Thanks so much for the basket, he is sorta spoiled so he wasn’t SUPER excited but, he did like all of the stuff inside and he was able to use the basket today to collect his eggs. Thanks so so so much! Love you!

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