Pinspire Me: You Are Where You Sit

I have a big project laying on my living room floor for the past few days. I am having a case of wall art block, if that’s a thing. I am hoping that by sharing these beautiful pictures of what I am trying to achieve, it will give me the final push to finish it all off. 

I have been collecting photographs of beautifully styled rooms from my “For the Home” board on Pinterest to continue motivating me as I am figuring out my own decorating style. One thing I have realized by browsing through this particular board is that I love statement walls.

Gallery walls  are so versatile and can be really easy to achieve for anyone. Gather a few photographs, memorabilia, silhouettes, among many other statement pieces and you can create a gallery wall of your own. Use this as an opportunity to showcase all the things that you really cherish and want on display. 

Sounds really easy, am I right? Well it is proving to be a lot more difficult for me. I will not be defeated by picture frames. Here are the pictures that are motivating me to finish this project off once and for all, at least by next weekend (after my vacation).



I have shared this photograph with y’all already but I just cannot get over how perfect this room is. That beautiful pale pink couch, the side table styled with books, those pillows and that throw, and I can go on and on. What I would really like to direct your focus to that wall. I love the cohesive arrangement of those frames and that monogram really pulls it all together. It also pulls your eye to so many different places so that nothing is too overpowering. Love. It. All.




And another perfect wall. I love that the pillows and the wall make a really basic couch look so welcoming. One other thing I am really digging here is the fact that all the frames are really different but look so well put together with the different patterns and textures going on in this room. I did not find a link to this picture, if anyone knows where this is from please let me know so I can give credit where it is due.




The white couch. I can never own a white couch as I can hardly own white clothing, I am way too prone to spills. Kudos to these brave people. Anyhoo, will you take a look at that wall. The different sizes, the different textures and the different colors all work so well together here. Sigh, I hope I can achieve something similar.

I hope you have enjoyed this list of beautifully styled walls. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get over this art wall block I am experiencing or any helpful tips on how to figure out frame placement, please reach out to me. I hope I can work on this project soon, for now I have Spring Fever with my vacation on the mind. Even with all that, I promise to talk to y’all soon!


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