DIY: Fabric Covered Inspiration

For the past few weeks I have been searching for a place to plan out my DIY projects and blog posts. I am so sorry I have been absent lately, I have been having so much fun but neglecting my love for all of you and decorating my space. Hopefully that is now a thing of the past! I have constructed my very own inspiration boards inspired by this post by Sew Much Sunshine. Image

I am about to share the easiest and cheapest project that I have ever done with you today. I hope you can notice that trend…cheap and easy, perfect for an afternoon diy.



After perusing the fabric section at my local Walmart, I discovered an untouched spot. It was hidden under the rows and rows of fabric racks, an entire little section of fabric scraps. I was surprised I never noticed them after all the nights I spend looking through the craft supplies. The fabric is pre-cut to usable sizes and comes in a lot of colorful and vibrant patterns. I chose two patterns, one floral and one ikat-ish, for the project I had in mind. For $1 a piece, I am sure I will be back for more scraps and you will be bombarded with fabric covered crafts. The only thing left was finding the cork, which I stumbled upon at World Market. A pack of three cork trivets for $2.19, after a coupon of course, and I was good to go. I had some spray adhesive and a glue gun at home which are the only other necessary materials to create a place for your inspiration for under $5!


I cut off a more manageable piece of fabric and laid it down flat. Next, I sprayed a thin layer of adhesive to the cork trivet and finally placed it on top of the fabric followed by a heavy book. I repeated the same process for each piece of cork and left them to dry overnight.



And by overnight I mean pick this and your hot glue gun up after a week, put on some Boy Meets World, and get to gluing. I simply followed the edge of the cork with my glue gun and pushed the fabric down as I went. Next I trimmed the excess fabric after leaving it to dry for about 20 minutes, or the equivalent of an episode of Boy Meets World.


And that’s it! Used my handy and trusty pack of command strips and hung them right near my desk that gets used about once a month. Hopefully having these beauties to stare at once they have some inspiring content on them will motivate me to use my desk more often like a normal person.



And one last shot to show how perfectly that ikat-ish fabric goes with my lampshade. And in my mind, you can never go wrong with floral.

I am hoping this tangible Pinterest board will help me post more frequently. For you experienced bloggers out there, do you have any suggestions?


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