Budget Find: Wonderful Owl Lamp

I realized I haven’t posted a budget find in a while, which is odd because I have been finding some awesome deals lately! Can’t wait to share them in the near future.

Anyhoo, today will be focused on my newest favorite little find featuring an owl. I am not sure if I have shared my collection enough with y’all but anyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed. Maybe I can share some of my favorite owl decor soon, and when I do, make sure to check it out, without judgement 🙂

Lately my infatuation with the wise old birds has grown into a collection of “realistic” owls. Although I love the cute and colorful cartoon-ish owls, I figured a collection of authentic owls may be a better fit with the rest of my home.

And the latest find is a beautiful owl lamp I discovered on one of my thrifting trips with my best friend.


Isn’t he adorable. I love the nice brown and tan color combination of his feathers. And those huge gold brimmed eyes and beak. Let me know if I sound insane as I describe him a bit more…


There he was, the only lonely little owl, surrounded by huge table lamps. I did not think twice and placed him in my shopping cart eager to find a place for him in my bedroom. I wonder where he was before this for $35, but I am so glad I found him at nearly half that price!


I had a few issues with the shade. I was not in love with the shape or the size. It seems like it is screwed onto the hardware for the lightbulb so it is here to stay for now. I am still searching for something I like a little better. I am thinking something with a round and more traditional shape.


I toyed around with the idea of spray painting him and the entire base white for a more modern look for a few weeks. I mean who doesn’t want Hedwig to be the last thing they see as they fall asleep. Finally, I have decided to leave him as he is because it was the realistic style he embodied that made me fall in love with him in the first place.


Hooo can resist those big beautiful eyes.

I have found the perfect spot for him and I cannot wait to share that with you along with the yarn pom poms I made a few days ago.

Until then, I hope everyone is enjoying their week! I hope the weather is as beautiful where you are as it is in Austin this week!


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