Manicure of the month: Happy Valentines Day!

I know I am a day late, but, Happy Valentines Day! 

I hope everyone enjoyed this one day a year we set aside to show your loved ones how much you care about them. Personally, I think every day should be full of observations of love and gratitude for each other. 

I spent my day working, watching everyone find gifts from their partners…bummer… But actually enjoyed seeing the tears of joy the cupcakes and love notes brought to their eyes. Also enjoyed all the sharing, I think I lost count after 3 helpings of cake. 

Although I am without a significant other I still wanted to find a way to celebrate and feel festive. What better way than with a manicure!



I used Leading Lady by Essie, my new favorite red polish. I love how the sparkles look sandwiched in between two layers. I also used Brandt by Julep from their Trina Turk collection. It is a beautiful off-black color that makes me feel both edgy and feminine. Finished off the look with a crooked little heart using my new dotting tool and Demi by Julep. I think I am going to give myself some time to figure out the whole dotting tool thang. 



Topped every nail with a generous coat of Julep’s polymer free top coat, from my latest Maven box. Speaking of love, I was instantly completely obsessed with this product. It creates the illusion of a gel like finish and dries completely in 5 minutes. If you buy anything this month, I hope it is this. You will not be disappointed. 


To show my best friend some love, I decided to surprise her with a chocolate bouquet, DIY style. 

This was so easy and fun to make. I simply cut out flower-like shapes from purple and pink construction paper. Poked a green skewer through each shape then into a Reese’s peanut butter cup (her favorite) to secure it onto the flower. I decided to pair it with a makeshift vase filling a mason jar with more chocolate, because you can never have enough, and popping the flowers in.


I hope she enjoys it!

How did everyone enjoy this designated day of love? Any gifts you would like to share?



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