DIY: Donut Birthday Cake

Last Friday was my 24th birthday and I had such an amazing weekend celebrating it with a few of the people I love most. Two of those people decided to surprise me with a….wait for it….donut cake!


You see, I work until the wee hours of the morning and around my last break I find my best friend and little sister outside with this beauty! I showed them both a few pictures I pinned a few weeks ago of something I would love to have, just for fun, and they were determined to create their own version which I believe is even better than the originals! (You can find the original sources of inspiration here and here.)

Please excuse the picture, it was taken by very excited hands at midnight in the cool night air.

My favorite part of all of this is that they both used their creativity to make such an amazing surprise for me. I can still hear my little sister saying that the flowers make the cake and my best friend talking about buying the donuts from our old favorite late night snack spot from a few years ago.

This was such a personal and thoughtful gift and it still warms my heart to think of the time, effort, and creativity it took for them to surprise me. Any diy’ed gift means so much to me because I know how hard they worked plotting its execution. I hope they know how much this meant to me and to my co-workers who I left with a little donut each from this cake.

Anyhoo, I will stop before the waterworks start… I wanted to share this cake not only to brag about their thoughtfulness and how loved I feel šŸ™‚ but also to show a perfect example of a handmade gift, and how appreciated it can be.

Does anyone have any favorite DIY’ed gifts they have received and would like to share?


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