Through My Lens: January

I am excited to introduce a new feature here at ballinonabudgetblog. At the end of each month I will be sharing my month in my favorite Instagram photos. I figured it would be a pretty good way for y’all to see what kind of things distract me from my blog and will provide a little insight to my fabulous life!

Here goes nothing!


2013 started off so great! I rang in the new year with two of my best friends and could not have asked for anything different! We danced, we cried, and then danced some more! It was such a fun time! Pictured here is my best friend Krystle and I waiting for our designated driver to pick us up for the night! Don’t we clean up nice!


And here I am doing what I love best, Sunday Funday-ing! This particular Sunday was super cold and it was so nice to sit next to a warm fire drinking my favorite martini.


Graffiti town! If you ever find yourself in Austin I definitely recommend you check out the Baylor Street wall art. It was so cool finding all the little things people felt were important enough to share. There were a few artists working on their own creations which was pretty awesome to see! It’s free to climb and enjoy! I hope to go back with a stencil and some spray paint!


Super green juice from snap kitchen. My first introduction to the juice cleanse kick I’ve been into lately. This was delicious but I definitely prefer making my own and incorporating greens into my everyday diet.


And finally, Ryan Gosling greeting me everyday at work. Someone surprised me with this little photo and we had just had a training on creating healing workspaces and I figured, what would heal me more than seeing Ryan’s smirk after a crisis call 😉

I hope you have enjoyed my January in a nutshell. How does everyone else keep track of their days?

Til next time!


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