Budget Find: A Place For My Single Coat

I’d like to take a little break from the holiday posts and share my newest thrift store find with you all.

I went to a few thrift stores this past weekend with one thing in mind: a tacky Christmas sweater for a party the next day, procrastinate much. Unfortunately, I had no luck with the sweater, I guess most people buy them all pretty early.

As the others were still hoping to find a sweater, I decided to take a break and walk through the furniture. And that’s when I saw it, the traditional coat rack I’ve been searching for.


Isn’t she gorgeous! I knew I had to have her for my entryway.


Can you believe that, $19.99! Similar coat racks I had my eye on retailed for $80+ online. I instantly grabbed it and carried it around the shop like a trident. To my surprise, all white tags were 50% off that day and I scored this sweet thang for $10! Day was made!


Ta da! There she is. Fully adorned with the coat I haven’t had a chance to use this winter, my favorite cardigan, and my favorite purse. I also threw in an umbrella to complete the look.


I really love the way it turned out. I usually throw my coat or sweater over the couch and my purse on the ground. This purchase will definitely give me a way to keep the floor clear and keep me organized.

Has anyone found a great thrift store treasure lately?

I’ll be back soon to share a few of my favorite diy’ed gifts for the season.


9 thoughts on “Budget Find: A Place For My Single Coat

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