A trip to the museum

You know, I was swimming this morning with the dolphins in Costa Rica and I realized something….

Ok, not really, but can anyone guess where this is from?! Baby Mama, one of my favorite comedies including the best combination of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

Anyhoo, I did realize something this morning, I do not do a good job of sharing more of my life. I let y’all know I was out of town this weekend visiting my family but did not really share anything else. I’d like to do that now 🙂 

My little sister is nearing her final year in school as an Art History major, which I know nothing about. We took a little drive to Houston’s amazing museum district to the Museum of Fine Arts so she can finish a paper. Here are a few pictures of the things that caught my attention.


Isn’t this beautiful! I was too focused on the print to read the origins of this piece, my apologies. But it reminded me of the beautiful art I saw during my trip to Guatemala a few years ago. I was feeling so nostalgic, it was great.




Of course I loved this jug, the wine jug. 


This freaked me out so much. It has existed for 4,000 years, which blew not only my mind, but my 9 year old nephews mind. Isn’t it gorgeous!


This beautiful mummy made me so sad. There is a baby in there, but there is something so beautiful about the way the soul is protected. 


And here I am wearing an ancient mask. Such a gorgeous sculpture.


I think I read that this guy invented the high five.





I love monkeys! I think they are the cutest animal. These two completely different monkeys reminded me of my childhood and the hundreds of stuffed monkeys I collected.


My little sister playing hide-and-seek.



My favorite painting of the night. An original Picasso paired with a beautiful modern frame. The colors feel so modern to me too, check out that mint and deep coral.

It was nice to be surrounded by all the amazing works of art. Unfortunately, I did not learn much on my visit. Which is a bummer I bet for my sisters who are both history nerds. Sorry gals, but thank you so much for taking me and letting me experience something I have not done since my childhood.

The entire time I was in the museum I could not help but think about how much more original art my little apartment needed. Inspired a lot of upcoming DIY’s! I cannot wait to share those with y’all! Til then, I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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