Pinspire Me: Embroidery Hoops

Once again, I know I am super late on this trend….I am really digging embroidery hoop art. It seems so easy while still providing a huge statement on a wall. And there are so many different ways it seems like to place them on the wall.

I have a thing for gallery walls and it seems like fabric covered embroidery hoops can add a really interesting dynamic. I want to show y’all a few pictures that are inspiring me to find some blank wall space for the blank wall over my bed.


I love all the different sizes of the hoops and the diverse fabrics. It seems like a really cohesive gathering. I do not have a headboard and I think this may be a really great solution to create the illusion of a headboard.


This one has such a great vintage feel to it. And I love anything with a few birds thrown in there. I hope I can find some fabric with a few bird silhouettes.


I really like so many things about this picture. The fabric covered lamps, the map, but especially the hoops. The half circle presentation of the hoops looks really cool. This may be a good idea for a small space like the entryway.


I really love all the vibrant colors in this example. It seems like every piece of fabric is totally my style here. Vintage, yet not distressed.


This, however, is what began this whole obsession with embroidery hoops. But as awesome as this embroidered rap lyric may be, it would actually require me to learn how to embroider. And I cannot see that happening anytime soon. It made me realize though how an embroidery hoop can make anything look fancy or classy.

This is what has been consuming my mind as of late. I hope it is something I can carry out soon. Not this weekend, this weekend will be devoted to my nephews 9th birthday celebration!!!! I am so excited!

I promise I will be back soon to share a few things I have been working on. Until then, I hope everyone is enjoying their week!


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